Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Little Craziness for the Holidays

So we woke up this morning with the power out. Not the thing you want to find when you need to put the Christmas roast in the oven in a short time for Christmas brunch. But, luckily the good guys at the power company fixed it and the lights were back on.

I wanted to share some pictures from last night - hubby and my official 2007 Christmas photo didn't come out. BUT, there were photos that DID come out. Drum roll please!

Karen and Joe putting on the dog...well or as we called it, Disco Christmas - alluding to Karen's shirt - Joe even coordinated.

Mom and Dad. Looking dapper and lovely as always. Seriously - Dad looks the same in almost every picture - he's got the photo smile always ready to pull out of the back pocket.

Greg here is excited because we are about to sit down for dinner. mmmm...ham! Now remember the comment about Dad above? Greg has the same thing - kinda. This is one of the more natural smiles for him. Maybe it's the ham. See the photo at the end - I could have photoshopped the head?

This is Laura showing her wacky side during opening of presents. This is a common expression too. If you recall me mentioning that in an earlier post. Pretty funny.

This is Dad opening a lovely set of wrenches from Karen and Joe. I know - every guy can do their best Tim the Toolman Taylor impersonation.

This is the lovely self-portrait Karen took Christmas Eve before dinner. This is how she looks BEFORE all the makeup and hair -- see prior photo.

Laura and Greg at church. Yes - Laura does wear something besides jeans and a t-shirt. To be nice - we were lucky she was there - she had a taxing work day and we are happy she made it.

Finally - here's Laszlo with his Christmas Eve dinner. As you can tell he wasn't ecstatic to be getting his photo taken - his dinner was getting cold.

Anyways. Once again...Merry Christmas all and to all a good night. Unfortunately my vacation has come to an end..so my blog vacation has officially ended.

On to 2008 - Can't believe next year is next week.

Monday, December 24, 2007

From My Family to Yours

I've been on a self-imposed vacation from the computer during my vacation from work so to help my sore hands catch a break.

But I wanted to drop by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The wrapping is almost done - I'm waiting for a package from Amazon still!, the halls are decked and the famous green bean casserole is finished. I'm ready to enjoy the holiday.

And this is a special year for my family. This is the first time in six years that all of the siblings will be in the same city. It's a cool thing. Tonight we attend "midnight" mass (actually at 10 p.m. - yeah - I don't get it either - and then there are gifts will be exchanged. Tomorrow the in laws come to our home to celebrate.

So to all - enjoy the holiday season. Take time to sit back and enjoy those peaceful moments, laugh, and remember all you can because it's over quickly.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gold and Gold..

While cleaning the house and then putting up the Christmas decorations I now realize I am attracted to the color gold. As I was taking the decorations out yesterday and today as I sit with both boxes of Christmas cards, I noticed that I have been purchasing gold colored items that that are both inside and outside the house.

I never thought of myself as a gold person. But I guess I am.

From the angel clothed in golden threads on the top of my tree, to the gold balls down below to the golden curtains next to the tre in my dining room to the golden ribbon on the wreath on my golden yellow house to the gold on both of the boxes of cards I bought last year. I am truly surrounded by the color.

I'm not sure what this means. But if anyone notices me buying something in gold lame', please stop me. I guess I'm attracted to shiny things...or maybe it's my sparkling personality. ;-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Sister Laura

Today is the 31st birthday of my little sister Laura. This is the first year in many that she is home so she can celebrate with the family. In fact, we are getting set to head over to Mom and Dads to have yummy dinner and gifts and the cake deal.

So Happy Birthday sis - it's great to celebrate with you!

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Doodle and a Request

I was so happy to see my friend and fellow blogger Pat has brought back the very popular Mr. Doodle's Dog to the blogosphere. Pat and her furry family members bring a jovial look at being a canine and/or feline. As a fellow animal lover with a cat, a snake and a school of fish I felt it was important to help her (in my small way) get the word out about the monster who kept 97 wire fox terriers in deplorable conditions and if a judge makes the wrong choice, he may get some of the dogs back.

I know that many people will wonder aloud why we should spend time and energy on animals when we as humans have so many issues to deal with. I really think it is symtomatic of a society where we can allow any one or animal be abused. Especially those who can least protect themselves.

So please take a few minutes to read Mr. Doodle's plea.

Welcome back to the Doodle's - we've missed ya.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Cooooee, Happy 30th to You!

I would be remiss if I hadn't taken a moment to wish our friend Roy a happy 30th Birthday! I know technically it was yesterday, but today the fun continues with Roy's Roast - which we will leave for shortly.

This man is a great guy with a big heart, a passion for NASCAR (I don't know if one should brag about that), a wicked sense of humor and a love for the Simpsons that is only matched by his brother's.

So Happy Birthday my friend! I toast with a Bud for you this weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Presidential Politicing

Due to work, I was able to attend the Republican Presidential debate in St. Petersburg last night. I have to say it was a good time. It was fun just to people watch. From the national media, including the very svelte Anderson Cooper to tough-guy Chuck Norris (who has freakishly white teeth and is surprising short)to senators and representatives and the "executives" from UTube. But there were just lots of white middle-aged and older wealthy people. There was definitely lack of diversity.

One cool item, the back of my husbands and my head were on CNN. Kinda cool.

What I came away with was the knowledge that I know who I really really dislike and would never in a million years vote for. Namely Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Yuck times 10. And I felt bad because I wanted to like John McCain. But the poor man just looked beat down, tired - heck I thought his coloring was a little on the gray side.

Anyhow, it was an interesting to watch. Interesting indeed.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Shoppers - Start Your Wallets

So Mom and I braved the retail world early this morning. We were at our first shop around 7:30 or so and finished before Noon. There were deals to be had - in fact there were a few gifts for myself along the way. Exciting things, drapes and two shirts. But I made a nice dent in the holiday shopping. I even got Hubby into the act by sending him to Target. Mom said she wasn't sure she wanted to go this year, but I told her it was tradition. That she could sleep in the afternoon. Happy Black Friday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm starting to change my take on Thanksgiving. I think this holiday has gotten the short shrift in the holiday season mix. Rather than people enjoying the day for what it is and really thinking about what they should be thankful for, people are putting up their Christmas decorations and thinking first and foremost what they will buying tomorrow morning. In the stores Christmas music has been playing for more than a month and finding something that looks like Autumn or with a turkey is not easy.

So take a moment to sit and really take stock of all the blessings you have in your life. I know I don't do that enough.

So I'm here to say that I have some pretty great things to be thankful for this year:

1. I am relatively healthy.
2. I am gainfully employed with good benefits and the chance to move up.
3. I am happily married to my best friend.
4. I live in a safe neighborhood in a cozy little home.
5. I have a great family - parents, sisters and brother-in-laws, not to mention all the aunts, uncles and cousins around the country.
6. I've got a core of wonderful friends who I can always rely on.
7. I was blessed so much that I was able to go on two vacations this year and see a little more of the world.
8. I'm thankful for my faith that keeps me grounded and helps me see that I should give thanks every day rather than only once a year. I want to strive to get gratitude more into my life.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Take some time and really think about what you are thankful for. I bet it's more than you think.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your Moment of Cat Zen

This was Tiger fast a sleep yesterday afternoon. Get your inner awwww on.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Much Stuff..Where to Start

I have decided we have too much crap in this house. I am sure that at the time when we acquired a lot of it, it was really cool. But now, so much of it is shoved into closets where I can hardly find anything. And I am really beginning to understand I don't need lots of it.

So I am looking to go through it and decide what stays and goes. But it MUST happen. I am starting to understand I feel more restful when my surroundings aren't such a mess.

It's funny because I never thought I'd believe that. Messes used to never bother me. Maybe I am starting to finally understand it's not stuff that makes you happy. So I need to go through my stuff and keep only the stuff that I really love, the rest can find a new home where someone will love it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ooo! It's Chilly Outside!

So Winter came to the Tampa Bay area yesterday. It was may 65 today and tomorrow morning it is supposed to be in the lower 40s. Brr!

I love it!! It's an entirely new wardrobe. Jeans without sweating, a sweater, pajamas, slippers and maybe even a jacket in the morning.

I know there are many people up north who would laugh at me. That mid-60's is not cool enough for a sweater, let alone a jacket. But to those of us who have lived in Florida for a long time, this is cool. We Floridians will gladly pull out those heavier clothes, I'm sure tonight there will be people with hats, scarves and mittens outside. But hey, if we didn't do it now, when would we do it?

I know in a short time it will be warm again, but I'll take this while I can. Besides, all those Northerns laughing at me now, who is laughing in January when you are freezing and wishing the sun would just come out? Um, could it be me? :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movie of Note

Last night we watched A Mighty Heart. It's the story of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered in Pakistan by terrorists I didn't know what to expect from it and I'm not a really big Angelina Jolie fan. But I have to say this movie was excellent and Jolie was great. I know, I can't believe I just typed that either. I just cannot imagine the pain Marianne Pearl went through and how she soldiered through the investigation and losing her husband eventually.

Plus, it reminds everyone the danger journalists around the world have and continue to face as there are many countries around the world that do not protect the rights, let alone the lives of journalists.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is go see this movie.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I wanted to take a moment to wish my Mom a very happy birthday today. We just had a little shin-dig where we celebrated it up. There was a lovely dinner, champagne and cake. Yum!

So happy birthday Mom. We love you!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

So it started innocently enough. I have been noticing that my six-year-old comforter was looking pretty shabby. Some of the seams were coming apart and it was faded and spotted. So I decided to get a new one. Along came my birthday and some Tar-gey gift cards and there was an opportunity to get a new one for a little bit of money. So $10 of my dollars later, I have a lovely new comforter set.

I finally got around to putting it on this morning. The bed looks great! And now everthing else looks old and shabby. First there needs to be new curtains - which makes sense since they are the wrong color now and they are more faded than the comforter was. But in the back of my head I am thinking, darn, this furniture looks so dated and I really don't like it any more. With that there's also thoughts of, I wonder what the walls would look like with a fresh coat of paint in the new color scheme I have created?

I think the new comforter has created a monster. And I have learned something today. Once you get something new, it makes your the rest of your shabby things look even shabbier.

Hmmm...the bathroom next to master is also looking bad...paint? New tile? What about a new shower door? No wonder Lowes and Home Depot are so successful!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Look Ma, No Wires!

So the Husband and I finally came into the 21st century this week. We now have wireless at home. Sp far I like it. I can sit here and surf the net and be sitting on the couch. And for work purposes I do not have to be chained to office. Although, in a sense, it makes it easier to become chained to the job because I can just open the laptop up and work whenever. So maybe that part isn't the best.

In other news, a belated Happy Birthday to my Dad. On Wednesday we celebrated the big day with him. Had lots of fun. So Happy Birthday Dad!

And Fall officially came to the Tampa Bay area. In fact it was about 50 in the morning yesterday. Cool enough that I should have not worn open-toed shoes to work. My toes out in the open were COLD!

Well - Happy Friday everyone!! And Laura, sorry I haven't been "saysing" enough for you. It's just when you sit in front of a computer all day, most days the last thing I want to do it type again. But now with the laptop and wireless..who knows??

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy All-Hallows Eve!

I love Halloween. Well, I love the idea behind Halloween. I don't love the commercial holiday it has become. Where every one buys store-bought costumes and decorations and where trick-or-treating at the mall has become the norm rather than walking the streets of your neighborhood. And where it's not dark still because of stupid day light savings.

I know there are lots out there who talk about how evil the holiday is to them. Well, to me, it's more about imagination. Dressing up as something you aren't, commiserating with your friends and neighbors and just letting go and having fun.

Anyways. I'll still give out candy if any kids make it to my door. And I hope they do. So everyone - let your inner kid out because it's time to play - to be child-like. You've got lots of other days to be serious and Halloween isn't the day for it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok, I just watched Donnie Darko. I have one request. Would someone pleasae be kind enough to tell me what the heck I just saw? Seriously. I have NO idea what I just saw. I even have the more recent director's cut which I understand is a little easier to understand. Now I have to go into Blockbuster and get the set so I can see the second disk just to know what the heck I saw.

That's it, Laszlo is on restriction from the queue on our Blockbuster account. And that bunny costume --- I'm just creeped out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vacation Remix

I was going through the 250 pictures we have from vacation - and the videos which I am still trying to work on Blogger, and thought I'd share a few pictures.

This picture was taken right outside of Fred's General Mercantile on Beech Mountain. This place has every thing a person could want up on a mountain. From hiking boots, wine and beer to the NY Times and overalls. They really did it up for Fall. Heck, there were pumpkins everywhere up there - but they don't spoil in 90 degree heat like they do in Florida.

This is Joe standing on the Appalachian Trail. He had just finished a book about a man who had walked all 2160 miles and he though it would be cool to walk down off the path to Clingman's Dome to stand on the trail - and relieve himself. Not everyone can say they went to the bathroom on the Appalachian Trail.

In the lower left hand corner you can see Karen staring up at some rock formations in the Linville Caverns. Caves are really cool - literally - it's like 52 all year round. Just remember, if you are claustrophobic, this tour is not for you. I'm not generally, but at one point in the tour when they shove the entire group in this narrow hallway so you are standing over the lake with no bottom, I wanted to yell "get me out of here!"

The third picture is Joe, Karen and Laura at one of the lookouts off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was glad we stopped at this one. You have to take this little path that leads you down to this overlook. There are not many words for it other than stunning.
And that's the problem with the Blue Ridge Parkway, all you see to all sides is stunning and you could take a picture at every turn.

Finally this is a shot on our final day, it was about 32 degrees at the time, and it's the house we spent the week at. Laszlo's locking the door. Even though he's in short sleeves, it's 32 degrees at that point. What a great place though. I miss waking up every morning and rushing to look out the windows to see what the view has in store. Everyone needs a little wonder in their life. We don't have lots of it anymore. And that's one of the best parts about traveling - it's all the stopping along the way and seeing things you never have before. I can't wait to travel again. I'm thinking Montana.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Bacckk

It's been a hectic week at work. The CEO of the company I worked for suddenly and very unexpectedly died while I was on vacation. So when I came back on Monday there was a flurry of activity surrounding a memorial service the next day. And plus just trying to find my way out of the e-mail that accumulated over a week.

I am ready for the weekend! And it starts tonight by watching my favorite college football team - the USF Bulls take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Now all you haters, get over it, they are #2 for the moment. Why can't you be happy for them? Yes, I am talking to you Gator fans who think they are better than everyone else.

Any how. Sister-who-recently-returned and her hubby are coming over so I'd better get ready.

And once again --> GO BULLS!

Friday, October 12, 2007

So Very High - And Cold

Laszlo Next to the Mile-High Bridge -Freezing!

Sign by Mile-High Bridge

Ok. So today was cold. There are no other words I can use except to say that it is cold. And of course it was the day that we choose to go to Grandfather Mountain, home of the mile-high bridge. The temperature shown on the weather station inthe gift shop showed 42 - and that doesn't include the wind-chill - with winds gusting to more than 40 miles per hour. Walking across the swinging bridge was a challenge, the wind burned any skin that happened to be exposed.

But, we had a great time. The fall foliage is lovely. The peak of the leaves up here at Beech Mountain and also at Grandfather is about to happen. And there is lots of harvest and Halloween decorations around.

Anyways, tonight is the last night and I have an audience behind me. Greg, Karen, Laura and Joe are all sitting on the bed behind me chatting away. Next to me there is a glass of wine. So I am officially relaxed and enjoying vacation. Too bad it's ending. But I have been privaleged to spend the time with my sisters and their husbands.

Next - back to Florida, where I hear Fall has arrived.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Up another mountain or two, and then some

Laszlo at the falls

In front of The Biltmore

Greetings from chilly Beech Mountain. Where this morning we woke to a temperature of 30 degrees. In the sun the weather was glorious, in the shade we shivered in the cold wind.

We've been keeping very busy. Yesterday we took a trip down the road to the Linville Caverns and Linville Falls. Both very cool. The caverns are 52 all year round and more than 2,000 feet below the ground. Without a light source you are in complete darkness - which is freaky when the demonstrate this.

And then to the falls. We hiked up a mountain again to see some more lovely scenery. It would have been better if Laura didn't wake up with a cold the day before and by yesterday it had progressed to a nasty bug. She earned the nickname one-lung Laura because she said that's what it felt like for her to climb to the falls.

Today, we went South to the Biltmore estate. Whew. That place is huge. And that's only the house. That doesn't include the grounds, which we thought we drove around and saw a lot, really we didn't, only a fraction. I am awed that the amount of land and home-space was for one family. But the weather was lovely. We walked the grounds, Joe and Greg entertained themselves by rolling down the back lawn, and we went to the winery and tasted some yummy wines.

We all agree that there's no need for a gym up here. Mother Nature is your gym. If I walked up and down mountains daily, my butt would be MUCH thinner.

Tomorrow there's one more mountain to conquer, Grandfather Mountain. We plan to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the cool weather and some of us plan to cross the mile-high swinging bridge, not including Joe. He said there's no way he's doing that. But that's OK.

Off to a late dinner. Greg's crock pot beef stew smells yummy!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Two Hour Drive??!

A rest stop on the Blueridge Parkway

A rest stop for us on the climb to Clingman's Dome

The trees that are dying

We decided to take a drive down the road to the Smokey Mountain National Park. According to Mapquest it would take about 2-hours. Well, after driving down the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway (which my poor sister Karen was close to hurling more than once from the curvy road), a sidetrack to the west of Ashville, through the Cherokee Reservation and finally into the park it was 1:30 in the afternoon. We left about 9.

So we had to make the best of our time in the park. So we found a lovely set of picnic tables where we dined on the best peanut butter and for those who partake in the jelly sandwiches. We planned our attack. We would make our way towards Clingman's Dome, the highest point in the park. According to the parks literature we picked up, we would make a "steep" 1/2-mile walk to an observation tower where we could see 360 views of the surrounding mountains.

Wow, steep was being kind. I told Laszlo that it was the longest 1/2-mile walk I've ever done. Comments from the group on the way up:

I surrender! I'm a flat lander. - Laura

Oh my God, we're not even half way there. - Sarah

If the woman with the walking cast can do this, I better be able to. -Laura

I don't want to walk back down, it's too hard. - Karen

What was really sad was all the dead and dying trees. How sobering. The majority of the ferns growing on the mountains are being killed by insects "accidentally" brought from Europe. And the trees not dying from that are being finished off by the acid rain. And to read that the view is obscured 80 percent in the Summer from pollution was scary. And all of this happened within 100 years.

So we left the park in search of gas and a quicker way home. We went north through Gatlinberg and around the park on a quick moving highway. We got home at 10. We cut off more than and hour off our time. Thank goodness for the 16-bean soup waiting for us in the crock pot. All we wanted to do was eat a little and fall into bed.

Today the gents are off playing a round of golf and the ladies are sitting around the house relaxing. Which we are fine with. We think we might venture down to town later, with hopes that the gentleman on the way back up can pick us up.

No matter what though, vacation is good for the mind and the soul. I can get used to this. Although I'm happy NOT to be in the car right now.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welcome to the Beech

Yesterday we arrived in Beech Mountain, N.C. for a week of R&R. My husband and my two sisters and their husbands are sharing a home. We are very high up to say the least. Over 5,000 feet. But it is lovely. The weather is nice about 80 or so in the sunshine and in the shade cooler. In the evenings into the low to mid-50s at this point. And at the end of the week it is supposed to cool down significantly.

The picture above is the view from my bedroom at 7:45 this morning. It was one of the few days recently I woke up and said to myself, I need to go out and see what the view is! And it was fantastic. I hope to see the sunrise one of these days.

We hiked two trails today, climbed up the the very top of the mountain to watch the sunset and just finished a fantastic dinner. Tomorrow we are off to Smokey Mountian National Park.

I am relaxed (and no it's not the wine from dinner). Vacation feels good.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome home Laura and Greg K.C., Welcome Home!

So this evening husband and mom and dad spend the evening lugging sister Laura and brother-in-law Greg's stuff into a new apartment over in Seminole - about 10 minutes from my house. This is a huge improvement since they used to live four hours away in Jacksonville. Greg recently graduated college and now is the proud owner of a new job.

We are all very excited to have them home, they've been gone for more than six years. There will be much fun to be had. Although part of our hearts are still in J-Ville as sister Karen and bro-in-law Joe live there. Just another reason for a road trip to North Florida.

But as for Laura and Greg, in the words of the guy from Extreme Home Makeover -

Welcome Home Laura and Greg K.C., welcome home!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Drive-By Photoing..

I'm going through some photos and I thought I'd post a few. First we start with my good buddy Kathy - yes that's her a coconut bra. She knows she's hot can't you tell by the come-hither look in her eyes?

And next there is my parents. They celebrated 38 years of wedded bliss this summer, and as a gift the kids bought them, what else, Super Scrabble! Quadruple word scores, what's not to like about this game?? One day I will win!

And Kathy makes another appearance. Here she is with her husband Dave. They renewed their marriage vows at Rainbow River State Park last month. This time she was sure Dave wasn't going to hurl or runaway. She wore a dress to mark the occasion. There were many pictures taken, we don't know if we'll ever see another dress again on her!

Finally, this is my husband Laszlo. He took a trip out west in May to see his friend Mike in Vegas. They took a trip up to Lake Tahoe. It's almost June in this picture and he's wearing a sweatshirt. To me this picture is funny because it looks like he is in a photo studio where they have all those backgrounds they can pull down. Pretty funny.

Friday, September 28, 2007


It's bedlam baby here in the Tampa area here in west central Florida. There's green and gold everywhere. For what you may ask? It's all about the University of South Florida Bulls football team that has crashed the NCAA football party by beating Auburn IN Auburn and then spanked a pathetic North Carolina team last week. And now, in the biggest game of the 11 year-young football team, they are less then 30 minutes away from playing #5 ranked West Virginia.

I know - it's only football you may say. But it's fun. Especially for a school that has been in the shadow of UF, FSU and even Miami. For a school that most people around the country had no idea what school USF is - even though it has almost 45,000 students in attendance. This school is starting to get a little respect. And with all the bad things we hear about every day on the news, it's nice to have a little fun frenzy to take your mind off the other stuff.

So with that said all I have to say is GO BULLS!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heerreee's Sarah!

So I thought I would borrow Dave Simanoff's Four Questions format to jump-start my posting here again. It seems a simple way to answer some of the questions that everyone has been asking me. I just manipulated the questions to fit what I need to say.

Question 1: Where has Sarah been since August?
Well, at home and work. Sarah wasn't out traveling the world. Sarah's computer went into menopause (it just started overheating one day) and it kept shutting down. She didn't feel comfy writing blog entries on the work computer. The blog would have to wait.

Question 2: What's-up in Sarah's World?
Let's see. Work, play some and some more work. In between Sarah celebrated her husbands 33rd birthday, her parents their 38th wedding anniversary, her friends Kathy and Dave's second wedding (she wore a dress!), Sarah's 33rd birthday and is preparing for a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her two sisters and brother-in-laws. She also found out her sister Laura and bro-in-law Greg are moving home after 6 years in Jacksonville. She is excited.

Question 3: Has Sarah Read Any Good Books or Seen Any Good DVDs Lately?
Sarah has. Right now Sarah and Laszlo are on a Kevin Smith film binge, and she wants people to know that yes Dogma was funny. Also - The Alphabet Sisters was a great book.

Question 4: How is Sarah Feeling Today and Why?
Excited! The USF Bulls play #5 ranked West Virginia tomorrow night and she is extremely pumped. Go Bulls! She will be wearing her new Bulls shirt to work tomorrow in support of her team.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I know it's been a LONG time since I've posted. My computer had an issue with overheating, thus it wouldn't work.

Today I can't breath, my ears are clogged and my head is killing me, along with some overheating so I am staying home from work for the second day in a row. When I feel human again, I have lots to share. But since I don't and it's before 7 in the morning, I'm going back to bed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Can't Get No...Satisfaction?

I was reading through one of the magazines my Mom passed off to me the other day. Most often I skim through them without finding a gem or much useful. I found a great column by Rick Warren titled: The Secret to Soul Satisfaction. Usually that would turn me off just the title alone. But for some reason I started to read it. This line caught me and propelled me to the end: "But discontent becomes unhealthy when your desire to acquire becomes your life focus." The column is about examining what you have and to remember to take the time to remember all that already have. It can be summed up by one of the headlines in the story The key is real gratitude. He sums it all up by asking you to look at what you have in your life and ask "what will last forever? and what will last a few months, days or even hours?" And to focus more on the things that have the greatest impact such as your family or giving back to others.

This article helped me remember, those really important items in life are worth investing your heart and soul in. A new car, TV or a new pair of black pants is nice - but not worth splitting hairs over.

And it reminds me to wish one of those important people in my life, my hubby, a Happy Belated birthday.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Love the Rain

I work on the 16th floor of with a window to my back. So it makes for some cool views at times. And when we get the great Florida thunderstorm rolling through I find myself having trouble working because all I want to do is stare out the windows at the weather. Today was a great example. The huge gray clouds rushed in time after time and then the waves of rain blew sideways. Next thing I knew, they were gone and the sun was shining. Crazy.
If my computer faced the window I would be screwed. I'd never get any work done. I'd just stare out the window all day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

You're Healthy ... But...

Today I participated in my company's new health program. You get a basic physical (blood, blood pressure and a height/weight assessment. It's pretty cool. In fact, just by taking this test you get PAID $50.

I was surprised by how good all my levels are. I am in the normal range for cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides and my HDL (Healthy!)/LDL (Lousy!) levels. Although they insist that I am 5 feet 5 and 1/2 rather than 5 feet 6. They have to be wrong! If it wasn't for my weight issues, I would have no risk for heart disease according to my assessment.

In fact, when you factor everything but weight, as one of the worksheets did, I have a below average chance of heart disease. I'll take what I can get I suppose. At least I didn't have sky high levels. I am proud of that fact. And now I have another reason to lose some weight, minus just all the obvious ones. I make my goals, I get paid $400 next year. Now to the easy part (yeah right) that whole losing weight thing.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Guys, You Might Want to Skip This One

I want to know who the moron is who came up with the newer packaging for Always. You know the folks who make feminine products?
As you open them up they proclaim "Have a Happy Period!" Yes, with the exclamation marks and all. That's the last thing I need to hear at that time of the month.
Some chump telling me to be happy must never have had bad menstrual cramps, or the desire to bite the head off of a loved one because your hormones are raging, the urge to cry because - well - cause you just do, back aches, nausea and other wonderful things. What it should say is, take some ibuprofin and have some chocolate and you might feel a little better.

I can't believe I just wrote something about my period, but that little phrase just really pissed me off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Been Swell Harry

So Saturday morning I was up bright an early to procure my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I thought I'd leave the crowds of the night before and get in and out of Target first thing. Unfortunately Target isn't opened at 7 like I thought. So I snuck in and out of Wal-Mart and was well into reading the book by 8:30 with my mug of coffee and bowl of cereal. I thought I'd finish it by days end by some interruptions got in the way and by midnight I was pooped and I wanted to be more fresh for the final 100 pages. I new it would be heavy.
And it was. For the most part I was pleased with the book. It answered the questions I had. I have to say JK, the epilogue, I could have done without. But the epic battles, imagery, twists and turns were great. I know I'll have to go back and read it again to really get the intricacies of the book.
Now my only question is...what am I going to read now?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On Fish, Two Fish, 17 Fish??!!

So this was a part of my husbands fish haul on Sunday. Why a part? He reached his bag limit on Spanish Mackerel and he had to start throwing some back. He accidentally brought 2 extra home (thus the 17 fish).
And as my sister Laura said "they are delicious!" Or as I said "Mackerelishious!"
Because of his luck, Hubby is convinced I must come and sit in the 90 degree + weather and join him for a round of fishing. Well, if I actually caught one I might be convinced, but I have a rep. to uphold - I'm the one who just doesn't catch any.
Oh, and don't even ask what our garbage can smelled like after being in 90+ degree heat all day yesterday. One word for it, NASTY!

Friday, July 06, 2007

In the Wilds of Pinellas

Who says there's no wildlife in the midst of suburbia?

Take for instance this soft-shelled turtle I will nick-name One-Eyed Wonder for his one good eye that I found this evening in my neighbors side yard. I would have never even noticed him if it wasn't for the fact I locked myself out of the house unknowingly this morning. While petting the neighbors cat, the cat suddenly got up and ran over to the turtle to investigate. I didn't want the cat to hurt the turtle to so I shooed her away. Hubby came home to let me in the house, but became a part of helping O.E.W. back to a lake. He seemed very pleased when he plopped into Lake Allen.

God does work in mysterious ways eh?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Whew, what a week!

I'm pooped.

This week has been a doosie to say the least. I went t bed at 9 last night, I know I'm heading that way after I finish this.

First there was a late night last Saturday night in Orlando. We hung out with some old friends from high school and caught up. Was so pleased to see my old buddy Patti, we were almost inseparable back then. Either we were on the phone or spending the night at her house or her spending the night at mine. I'm glad she bumped into Joe and found her way back to us.

Then there was a wedding on Tuesday. Yeah, Tuesday. Glen and Samantha congratulations! The wedding was great. I would have loved to stay for cake, but I started to get a migraine and I had to go.

Off to Thursday, a killer event for work. Nothing like an outdoor event in Florida at the end of June to make you thank God for air conditioning.

And today, just lots at work again, and migraine number 3 for the week.

So to summarize: Pooped, headache, friends, headache, wedding, work, headache, pooped.

I have some fun pictures..but I have to figure out where I put my card reader or a USB cord. Until then you'll have to picture this:

Friends in tacky Hawaiian garb and me and a hot dude dressed like a CFL that we nicknamed "Hottie Wattie."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

So the other night I finished my re-reading of all the Harry Potter books. It is amazing how much I had forgotten. And you would think it would be the first ones that I had forgotten the most. But it wasn't. It was the year 4-6 that I was just amazed how much I missed the first time through. I think it was that I wanted to know so badly how they ended that I glanced over many parts. And now that year 7 - Deathly Hallows is what, 29 days, away (I didn't know that number off the top of my head, I had to head to MuggleNet, a premier Harry Potter fan site to look at the clocks at the top ticking off time till the movie and the book release) I had to come into the final book with a clear understanding of the many plot lines. It's not just about who dies at the end, but why so many things happened. But I feel like I have to give up reading the Internet for the next month. I don't want to read about people posting hacked endings to the book. I don't want someone else to tell me how it ends. I want to find out. So I think I will have to carefully tread through the Internet, a slowly open certain parts of the paper to make sure I don't find out.

I know it's a children's series, but it's solid reading that's a lot of fun. And I am here to admit that at the moment I am caught up in the hype. I'm ready to see Order of the Phoenix (in Imax of course!) and shortly after, to buy my copy of Harry Potter first thing in the morning so I can take it work and read it at lunchtime. People may laugh...but I don't care. I'm ready!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Babies....

So the Quads turned 1 a few weeks ago. I don't know if you remembered my mention of my cousin's wife gave birth to twins less than two years ago and followed them up with quads. These lovelies above are the Motter Quads. I wish I knew which was which (I haven't had the chance to meet them personally) but they are: Connor, Elizabeth, Grace, and Dylan.

So happy birthday Motters!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry

So we were took a direct hit from Tropical Storm Barry today. And were we ever pleased. Rain has been in very short supply here in Florida. It was more than a month since we had any rain. Even the stinking weeds were shriveling up. I wasn't even going to try to plant anything - I've learned that working against Mother Nature just does NOT work. The eye came directly over my county. It was very strange. It was raining and then suddenly there was blue sky. It was lovely.

Barry is the kind of storm we'd take here any day. But I know I don't want to tempt fate. The experts keep saying we are going to have a very active season and that Central Florida's time is coming. I hope Barry was our tropical brush of the year. I really do. Thinking about something worse gets my stomach all out of shape. It's just scary stuff.

On another topic, I'm writing this blog entry from my buddy Aaron's laptop. He was reading this blog early on and often gave me grief when the space wasn't changing much. So I think it's pretty cool that I'm working from here. I'm not going to try to add a picture. I'm not too good without a mouse since I rarely use a laptop. Hi Aaron! :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Quiet Week

My hubby took a trip out west to visit his friend Mike in Vegas. Well, there was also the side trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe, which to his surprise was all of 30 degrees one morning forcing him to buy an over-priced sweatshirt.

I had all these plans this week to do while he is away. But with work kicking my butt as it is, I've been exhausted and very happy to watch a movie, read a book and get to bed early.

But it's lonely. There have been days this week when I really needed a hug, a neck rub to get the tension out and just someone there to listen. I am actually looking forward to his return. Not only because I don't love cleaning the cat's litter box, or that I miss the coffee he makes every morning or his nagging me in the morning to get out of bed (not so much the last one :-) or the presence of him somewhere in the house and I just know he's there. Wow - that got sappy real quick. But it's how I'm feeling.

Saturday night I'll be a happier woman.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rest in Peace Peps

I never had the chance to meet my grandfathers. Both were gone before I was born. But I have been blessed to know many other peoples grandfathers and today a great one passed away. Peps had a quick wit, a biting sense of humor, love for the Red Sox (I didn't hold it against him), and a greater love for his family. Earlier this week he told his daughter-in-law his gift for his wife on Mother's Day would be him being home with her. He knew his time was short. And shortly after four this afternoon, he went home to his beloved wife and God. Peps, I am so blessed to have known you. And I am blessed to have been there when you left your earthly family. God Speed. Here's a prayer I offer for you.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Off to the North...

Tomorrow night we head way north to Jacksonville to celebrate the graduation of my brother-in-law Greg. So in my head it's Thursday night. I'm ready to go! Sometimes it is just nice to get away a little. To not think about how dirty my home is and that my Mom-in-law will be taking care of the kitty and thinking, how dirty my home is.

Anyways...I'm sure there's lots of fun to be had. I will have my camera at the ready!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007 Park Tour Continues

We continued our Pinellas County Park tour at the Boga Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole. I was interested in seeing the nature sculptures that had been installed, but we were also interested getting out on a Sunday afternoon, getting some exercise and seeing a slice of our county that we haven't explored. Below is my favorite of the sculptures. They weren't named, but I think she might be mother nature. Her hair was pine cones, she had a map of the world on her back and her dress was made of humanity's hands. Pretty cool I thought. And I thought like she was holding onto the tree for dear life, as if trying to save it.

While I came for the sculptures, I loved this park for it's pristine landscape on the inter coastal waterway. There were meandering boardwalks that take you by mangroves, and when you get off the path you can walk up to the water and find legions of crabs like below.

What was really cool was as you were wandering the paths you really forgot you were surrounded by development. It was quiet, minus the sounds of people having fun and nature. You really could spend a day out there. With the trails, dog park, fishing, playgrounds and lots of trees to relax under, this small piece of paradise, we are lucky in Pinellas County that they didn't bulldoze it and put up a parking lot.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Life Intimidating Art? Or the Other Way?

These are two of the Dilbert comic strips that ran today and yesterday. I read them both and burst out laughing. The more I work in the corporate world, the more I understand this comic strip. And this week, I feel like the strip is my life. For most of 9 hours, five days a week, I'm sitting in a chair, and I feel like I have developed a case of "chair buttocks" to go with my typers elbow and hands. Unless you sit at a computer all day you'd never guess the soreness that can come with sitting and typing a lot. And here I am at home, sitting and typing. Gotta go and sit and eat some dinner...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Words heard around the waterin' hole...

Recently my boss was overheard saying he was "stirrin' up the monkeys." Or causing trouble, I guess. For some reason that stuck with me and I think I shall steal it. So here I am ready to stir up them monkeys... now I just need to find something that deserves such a catch-phrase!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky Number 700

This is Sarah Says 700th post. I can't believe I've had that many. It just seemed like yesterday that I joined the Blog sphere. Wow. I am impressed that I'll still doing this. I've kinda had a blog renaissance. I just enjoy a little creative writing. It's my only outlet really. I do wonder who is reading this stuff though. Maybe it's only a few of you, but thank you for doing it. And now, in honor of 700 posts, here's my 700 Haiku:

Seven hundred posts.

My life is between these lines.

Anyone out there?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This past weekend my cousins children were baptized into the Catholic Church.

Brad (pictured on top) and Cody (on the bottom) sons of David and Kim got slightly wet - OK - that wouldn't be correct. They got pretty darn wet.

My Aunt Pat tells us she was very touched by the entire process.

I just wanted to offer my congratulations - or Shalom which in Hebrew is a very powerful blessing/prayer for peace, for completeness, wholeness. And this baptism brings wholeness to them.
Cody and Brad - Shalom!