Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Little Craziness for the Holidays

So we woke up this morning with the power out. Not the thing you want to find when you need to put the Christmas roast in the oven in a short time for Christmas brunch. But, luckily the good guys at the power company fixed it and the lights were back on.

I wanted to share some pictures from last night - hubby and my official 2007 Christmas photo didn't come out. BUT, there were photos that DID come out. Drum roll please!

Karen and Joe putting on the dog...well or as we called it, Disco Christmas - alluding to Karen's shirt - Joe even coordinated.

Mom and Dad. Looking dapper and lovely as always. Seriously - Dad looks the same in almost every picture - he's got the photo smile always ready to pull out of the back pocket.

Greg here is excited because we are about to sit down for dinner. mmmm...ham! Now remember the comment about Dad above? Greg has the same thing - kinda. This is one of the more natural smiles for him. Maybe it's the ham. See the photo at the end - I could have photoshopped the head?

This is Laura showing her wacky side during opening of presents. This is a common expression too. If you recall me mentioning that in an earlier post. Pretty funny.

This is Dad opening a lovely set of wrenches from Karen and Joe. I know - every guy can do their best Tim the Toolman Taylor impersonation.

This is the lovely self-portrait Karen took Christmas Eve before dinner. This is how she looks BEFORE all the makeup and hair -- see prior photo.

Laura and Greg at church. Yes - Laura does wear something besides jeans and a t-shirt. To be nice - we were lucky she was there - she had a taxing work day and we are happy she made it.

Finally - here's Laszlo with his Christmas Eve dinner. As you can tell he wasn't ecstatic to be getting his photo taken - his dinner was getting cold.

Anyways. Once again...Merry Christmas all and to all a good night. Unfortunately my vacation has come to an end..so my blog vacation has officially ended.

On to 2008 - Can't believe next year is next week.

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Anonymous said...

You take great pictures and your family is wonderful!