Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Mad. Pissed off.

It's been tough reading and seeing the video and pictures of the oil washing up on the beautiful beaches of the panhandle of Florida.

These were pristine areas.

Here in Florida we didn't agree to have drilling off the coast for this reason. So much we have here is based on tourism. People coming here taking vacations to see our beautiful coasts and waters. Swim, fish, enjoy the beauty.

I'm really worried we have managed to ruin miles and miles of lovely coast. Along with all of the animals that are gone. I saw tonight we might lose blue fin tuna because of this spill. Did you know 3 out of 5 sea turtle species are found in the Gulf of Mexico? They are dying quickly.

For you who are in different parts of the country or world you too should be mad. We, the American people, have caused this with our desires for more and more oil rather than using less and demanding the use of technologies that can move us towards less and less oil dependence. Drill baby drill? Really?

I'm mad. I am pissed off. This is my home and I can't believe some foreign company could be so careless with people's livelihoods and our environment which is so precious.