Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I do have to say I really like Halloween. It's one of the few days that is just a meant as childhood fun. Kids get to dress-up and there's candy. Very simple.

Right now there are a nice bunch of kids out front of my door. Unfortunately it looks like we will run out of candy and my hubby is berating me for being "ill-prepared." See last year we had leftovers, Friday night brings them out I guess.

Who knew?

Anyways my ghouls and gobblins, have a great night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Seeing Double

Sister Karen sent this photo of Chloe (left) and Abby (right) during a quiet moment one morning this past week. Seeing this cracks me up because I found out last week that Karen and Joe have given sides of the bassinett to each girl. And the girls go in the same side each night. One of the nights I put Abby down for the night and Karen was suprised to find her there later. It's amazing, they have grown since we were there. So quickly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Babies Time 2

Last week hubby and I spent a great 8.5 days with my sister Karen, bro-in-law Joe and their daughters Abby and Chloe. Mini slide show is above, click on it to see larger photos. I found at the end of the week I hadn't taken many photos because I was spending the week living in the moment it seemed. Well, that's code for lots of hugs, rocking, feeding, burping and changing diapers. We were saying that my Mom was going through babies withdrawal. I can see where you can have that problem. You get used to holding someone in your arms, smelling baby and humming lullabies. A nice week.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Am I Watching? I Can't Turn Away!

Earlier today it was all about Rays baseball. And then on to USF football and now, I can't believe I am saying this - I'm watching the vice presidential debate. I know, it's silly. But I keep imagining that there is a train wreck about to happen. Two of the most unfit politicians that could sit next in line to the president are duking it out live. You know there are You Tube clips in the making, along with the Daily Show and every other media outlet out there. And who really cares? It's two people debating what their running mates would do. Not what they will do because, really, what does the VP really do?

Side note - where does Palin get that accent? Is that people sound like in Alaska? I've never been there, but to me she sounds like she is from Wisconsin or some place around there.

But still, I can't look away. I want to, I want to turn it back to football...darn it, she said "darn right" again. It's sucking me in!