Friday, February 25, 2005

Funniest Tennis Story, Ever?

This story cracked me up. Any story that refers to a stalker as a "crazy-ass stalker (CAS)" and Anna Kournikova as Tennis Barbie has my vote. You can read the story by clicking below.
Kournikova Stalker Ordered to Stay Away

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

NakeDan the Handyman?

I got a press release today from NakeDan the Handyman, he also does Nude Notary. Here's some excerpts from the release...

Thought to be the first established business of its kind in the U.S., NakeDan is fulfilling an unmet need for above-board male nudity combined with quality repairs and flexible scheduling. Serving Florida’s west central coast with more than twenty years of experience, NakeDan is NOT an escort or exotic service and allows no physical contact or other activities to occur. Dan requires that clients sign a "hold harmless" agreement prior to beginning work and before undressing to whatever degree the client requests.

So click on the web site and see Dan... it's worth it!

NakeDan the Handyman

Saturday, February 19, 2005

52 Years and Counting

Today hubby took some watch links out for an older woman. Her husband and her were so wonderful. Not only were they happy that someone took the time to do something like that for them but as a couple they were awesome. He said they had been married 52 years and counting and that it's not like today where people get married and then stopped just because it got a little uncomfortable. she said in their time when you got married it meant you were in it for the long haul and that you knew you would have to work through things.

He also gave hubby some good advice, you know she's the one in charge, I learned that a long time ago. :-)

Just wanted to share my little story. It made me feel good to know there are people out there sticking it out together and who are still giggly and lovey-dovey. I hope one day that's me and my hubby.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Please, step away from the chocolate!

Mmm...chocolate! Posted by Hello

What not to watch when you are watching your diet? FoodTv's Chocolate Obsession weekend for Valentines Day. All day all they are talking about is chocolate, how to make yummy things, where to buy them, etc.

It's torture almost. Mostly it makes me want to go to the store and buy a big chocolate cake or brownies...oye, why do I keep watching, because I can't turn away!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Low Riding Pants A Crime?

Virginia just passed a law making it illegal to show your underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner."

Ok, so now the police in Virginia are the fashion police too? While I don't think it is appropriate to have your underwear sticking out for the world to see and it doesn't show a lot of respect for yourself, I don't think it needs to be legislated. Read the story below.

Yahoo! News - Va. Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What the .Ogg??

Ok, so I'm on Dave Simanoff's web site (see link at left) and tried this quizz. It says I'm an .ogg?? Too weird to hang out with?">
Which File Extension are You?

I LOVE Hallmark!

Addicted to Hallmark? Posted by Hello

Ok, so did you ever think someone could have an addiction to a store like Hallmark? It's not too far fetched, really. They have wonderful things besides cards and stationary. Like cute stuffed animals, lovely photo albums, decorations, candles...Oye, on and on. I became a Gold Crown member last summer and have been buying all my greeting cards there pretty much because you earn points which in turn they give you a check, to of course spend more money at Hallmark. I also have become more enamored with greeting cards it seems. I love the hunt, looking for that perfect card. I love how they feel, I like to better cards with the heavier stock and how it feels in my hands. And I love that it's not e-mail..that it's reaching out to someone in a real way that they will touch and that they can easily save, tucked in a book or a drawer for years to come.

Hallmark has really done some ingenious promos to get ya buying more. Buy 1 get one, buy 3 get 100 extra bonus points, buy 3 and get a cute gift for a's a viscous cycle. Tonight I bought 3 cards and got my greeting card file for all of $6.95. I love it too. Something so old fashioned about it all. A longing for the time when people sat down and wrote to others more frequently.

So is it possible to be addicted to Hallmark? I guess so. I went to one of the larger Hallmark's in Pinellas county tonight and I was excited about it. So many things to look at, so many cards to read. I'm a Hallmark addict and I admit it. But there could be worse things to be addicted to than greeting cards and cute homey things...and it's not really a problem for me...I'll be just fine.

Washed that Gray Right Out of My Hair...

I gave in.

After looking at the little gray hairs, and the longer ones too taking up rent on my head and getting an e-mail from my Aunt Pat telling me that I was doomed to a life of gray hairs because not only did my mom gray early so did she, I colored my hair. Dark blond. It was nice to get up this morning and not to see those little hairs staring back at me. The spring was back in my step and all is a little better in my world.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Mr. President...

President Bush is across the river from my work right now. There is expected to be massive backups around the downtown river for the rest of the afternoon because of street closures. Ack..

Thursday, February 03, 2005

"Taters" Anyone?

Ok, so this is truly one of the funniest stories I've read in a long time. It was so tongue-in-cheek. Take a minute to read it, it's worth it.

Archives: St. Petersburg Times

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Lifetime Achievement Award?

So is this the end for Leonardo DiCaprio? You would think so. He received a life time achievement award from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. How does some one who is 30 get a lifetime achievement award? Just something that made me go hmmm today. Either that or the other real actors/actresses were busy that day and couldn't come to accept it.

Lifetime Achievement Award For Leonardo DiCaprio