Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I LOVE Hallmark!

Addicted to Hallmark? Posted by Hello

Ok, so did you ever think someone could have an addiction to a store like Hallmark? It's not too far fetched, really. They have wonderful things besides cards and stationary. Like cute stuffed animals, lovely photo albums, decorations, candles...Oye, on and on. I became a Gold Crown member last summer and have been buying all my greeting cards there pretty much because you earn points which in turn they give you a check, to of course spend more money at Hallmark. I also have become more enamored with greeting cards it seems. I love the hunt, looking for that perfect card. I love how they feel, I like to better cards with the heavier stock and how it feels in my hands. And I love that it's not e-mail..that it's reaching out to someone in a real way that they will touch and that they can easily save, tucked in a book or a drawer for years to come.

Hallmark has really done some ingenious promos to get ya buying more. Buy 1 get one, buy 3 get 100 extra bonus points, buy 3 and get a cute gift for a discount...it's a viscous cycle. Tonight I bought 3 cards and got my greeting card file for all of $6.95. I love it too. Something so old fashioned about it all. A longing for the time when people sat down and wrote to others more frequently.

So is it possible to be addicted to Hallmark? I guess so. I went to one of the larger Hallmark's in Pinellas county tonight and I was excited about it. So many things to look at, so many cards to read. I'm a Hallmark addict and I admit it. But there could be worse things to be addicted to than greeting cards and cute homey things...and it's not really a problem for me...I'll be just fine.

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