Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hot on Friday, Chilly on Tuesday


I've been busy. First there was the chili cookoff last Friday. We didn't win, but I say we were robbed! The second place chili..no flavor. But it was held at church so I shouldn't malign the winners or non-winners I guess. My house smelled like chili for 3 days. I guess there are worse things for a house to smell like!

Then there was Hurricane Wilma. We were lucky we were spared again. I don't know how the Tampa area keeps dodging the bullet. We are so due. But I won't complain.

Because of Wilma I had storm duty at work which meant a few early morning hours..but that's about it.

And the weather. On Sunday it was muggy and hot and today? Mid-60's for a high. It's lovely! Opened the windows and yesterday even did some gardening.

Still reading This Much I Know is True by Wally Lamb..it's a long book. I'll get there. I don't read more than 300 pages into a book and not finish it.

I'm off to enjoy a rare evening at home with my husband since he works such crazy hours. He's even cooking, a rarer treat these days.

Till next time.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Mouth, My Mouth, My Mouth is on Fire!

So I made my first attempt at making chili tonight, for a chili cook-off at church on Friday night. It was an adventure. Between my friend and my husband tasting it and we finally got it to not feel like your lips were being burned off and firey hot lava was going down your throat. In fact I think it's pretty good. And after a day of simmering in a crockpot, it should kick butt if I do say so myself. I don't know if I expect to win on our first outing...but it could happen. Onto table decorations. Have to win the judges over on all sides. Now, if only my mouth would stop burning!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blog post. Check!

Whew. Where does the time go to? First it was Sept. and now it's Oct. My birthday came and went, but we don't want to talk about that and another anniversary of my brother's death, don't care to talk about that either.

I've read a few books. Noteably "Meena, Heroine of Afgahnistan" by Melody Ermachild Chavaz. Now I'm onto the gigantic "I Know this Much to be True" by Wally Lamb and a psychic mystery was tucked in between.

I went on my very first business trip to North Carolina last month and will return next week for a staff meeting. It is pretty cool. Getting to travel without paying a dime. Although I could have done without the massive thunderstorm that kept my return flight grounded for 2 1/2 hours and making a very late night for me. My boss left, and that's a good thing. I'm still there and it looks like another one will be on the way in.

In that month I was also published. Well kinda, no by-line. My company is a sponsor of a museum in Tallahassee and I wrote the featured article. I was very proud of myself.

So on to October. With it's witches, pumpkins and fall-like temperatures, oh I mean fall-like in other places in the country and tropical storms/hurricanes in Florida, and shorter days.

It's funny how I go through the day and think "gee that would be great on Sarah Says," but somehow I just don't get it here. I always say I will try to do better. And then I fail. And then my friend Aaron tells me he took Sarah Says off his favorites because I don't update this enough. (Okay, that hurt a little.) Man, the pressure to produce :-) So I'll keep trying. As my adoring fan (fans? may be too many) has asked me to get with it.