Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hot on Friday, Chilly on Tuesday


I've been busy. First there was the chili cookoff last Friday. We didn't win, but I say we were robbed! The second place chili..no flavor. But it was held at church so I shouldn't malign the winners or non-winners I guess. My house smelled like chili for 3 days. I guess there are worse things for a house to smell like!

Then there was Hurricane Wilma. We were lucky we were spared again. I don't know how the Tampa area keeps dodging the bullet. We are so due. But I won't complain.

Because of Wilma I had storm duty at work which meant a few early morning hours..but that's about it.

And the weather. On Sunday it was muggy and hot and today? Mid-60's for a high. It's lovely! Opened the windows and yesterday even did some gardening.

Still reading This Much I Know is True by Wally Lamb..it's a long book. I'll get there. I don't read more than 300 pages into a book and not finish it.

I'm off to enjoy a rare evening at home with my husband since he works such crazy hours. He's even cooking, a rarer treat these days.

Till next time.

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