Thursday, March 31, 2005

At Peace

Terri Shiavo died this morning at 9:05 a.m. in Pinellas Park. What a shame that even to her last moments her family and husband couldn't come together to be with her at the end. They couldn't even be in the same room when she died. And now there may be a fight over her funeral and burial arrangements. How horrible this is. That her family hate each other so that this poor woman was put in the middle of that hate and made the subject of it.

Be at peace Terri

Monday, March 28, 2005

An Easter Miracle!

So I came back from taking Friday off and low and behold, my neighbor, the great Randu, had completely cleaned his desk, minus the few crumbs and dust he left. I was speechless. Unfortunately he is not here today so I couldn't enquire what came over him. I guess if you wish and pray hard enough, anything can happen, even Randy's desk being clean.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Nothing will work unless you do."
- Maya Angelou (poet/writer)

I am beginning to understand this more and more. Even if you are not working at a paying job, there is always "work" out there that needs to be done.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NakeDan - The Remix

Remember NakeDan the Handyman? Well it seems that press release I was making fun of made its way around the media circuit and has gotten the man LOTS of media play. Supposidly he is booked thru almost the end of next month and charges $130 an hour. If you want to read my papers take on the guy you can click below. The best is if you happen to live in the Tampa Bay area and you can pick up a copy of the paper, to see this woman leering at this naked guy is worth your 50 cents.

What Do You Say To A Naked Handyman?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Little Rain Got Me Down? Nahhh!!

Reason #1 Posted by Hello

Reason #2 Posted by Hello

So it's been raining a little here in Central Florida, I just happy I don't have to ever deal with things like this above. My friend Aaron forwarded these photos, he says these are from coastal Mass. and resulted from a bad winter storm. Hey at least I don't need a blowtorch to get into my car here.

Mine Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. According to the 2000 U.S. Census more than 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage. I am one of those. My mother's grandparents came from Limerick, Ireland, the O'Conners. My Mom talks about her grandfather O'Conner who wouldn't let you leave his home of St. Patricks Day without something green on to celebrate. My bloodline has taken many twists and turns and now includes German from Obergailbach (which is now France) and areas in Prussia, now Poland. And now I'm married to a first generation Hungarian-American.

But today it's all about the Irish. So wear your green and have some Irish brew. I'll be toasting my great-grandparents and thanking them for my grandmother who of course gave me my mother thus allowing me to be here, the mutt that I am.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Briefs Barers Force Stance Against Underpants

Will showing too much of your drawers be illegal in Florida? This legislator is trying. Check out this article, pretty funny! Also, this is one of the better headlines I've seen in a little while.

Briefs Barers Force Stance Against Underpants: From The Tampa Tribune

Briefs Barers Force Stance Against Underpants

Will showing too much of your drawers be illegal in Florida? This legislator is trying. Check out this article, pretty funny! Also, this is one of the better headlines I've seen in a little while.

Briefs Barers Force Stance Against Underpants: From The Tampa Tribune

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thank Goodness They Come Only Once a Year!

So yummy.. Posted by Hello

They got him. The cute neighborhood Girl Scout caught my husband and caught some of his money. He said he was guilted in to it. He saw the list and didn't want to be the neighbor who didn't buy any. And he didn't want to be the cheap neighbor by only buying one box. So six boxes of Girl Scout cookies showed up in my kitchen last week. Two Thin Mints, Two Dosidos and two Tagalongs (my favorite cookie of all time.)

Now all sense goes out the door when a box of Tagalongs sits in front of me. Something about the chocolate, peanut butter and cookie. It's hard to stop eating them. I am just so thankful that they aren't available in Publix because I know there I would be walking down the aisle and suddenly there would be two boxes in my cart.

Thank goodness they are only available once a year!

Monday, March 07, 2005

May the Starch Be With You!

Au Gratin, I am Your Father! Posted by Hello

This is Hasbro's latest Mr. Potato Head, Darth Tater. It is coming out later this year to coincide with the next Star Wars movie. I know my bro-in-law Goo, (That's the nickname he has, he lives in Jacksonville, what do you want?) would LOVE this since he loves all things Star Wars.

For some reason all things Mr. Potato Head makes me smile and this one is no different. I have heard Mr. Potato had an exclusive interview with an editor at the paper I work at and the interview is coming soon. Will post the link when it's published.

What's next? Obi Wan Au Gratin? Princess Fish-fil-e-a? Big League Chewbaca? Thankfully I can't take credit for those above, Pat of Mr. Doodles Dog Fame and the famous Daily Dave came up with those. They are fun no less.

Moi, Paranoid? YES!

So I'm driving my husband's pride and joy today, his car. He's doing some maintenance on mine, thus I'm driving Nichole. Yes, that's the name he has bestowed on his 2000 Sebring. It's Nikki when "she's" acting bad. This is the first new car he ever owned so he has always pampered it. There's rubber mats on the floors (the carpet underneath is immaculate) and a high shine wax job on it. I always like being able to drive it. It's fun, fast, has a sun roof and a nice stereo.

BUT..and that's a big but, I am terrified something will happen to it on my dime. I double-check the mirrors when changing lanes and when I park I get out and walk around it to make sure there's plenty of room on all sides. Today I looked twice. I just can here hubby's voice in my head, watch out when you park, be gentle on the car handles, don't slam the door too hard, and don't pull up too far in the parking spot, esp. if there are curb stops, you could rip the nose right off.

Oye! Talk about car guilt!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shut Yo' Mouth!

I know it sucks to be sick. I have been there and done it a lot. In fact the past few days I have been fighting a bug off myself. But what is with all the people who are hacking all around me who don't feel they need to cover their mouth when they cough? And you know if all you do is hack all day, why don't you just stay home because I am tired of hearing it.

Just throwing my two cents in...but I think it makes sense.