Monday, March 07, 2005

May the Starch Be With You!

Au Gratin, I am Your Father! Posted by Hello

This is Hasbro's latest Mr. Potato Head, Darth Tater. It is coming out later this year to coincide with the next Star Wars movie. I know my bro-in-law Goo, (That's the nickname he has, he lives in Jacksonville, what do you want?) would LOVE this since he loves all things Star Wars.

For some reason all things Mr. Potato Head makes me smile and this one is no different. I have heard Mr. Potato had an exclusive interview with an editor at the paper I work at and the interview is coming soon. Will post the link when it's published.

What's next? Obi Wan Au Gratin? Princess Fish-fil-e-a? Big League Chewbaca? Thankfully I can't take credit for those above, Pat of Mr. Doodles Dog Fame and the famous Daily Dave came up with those. They are fun no less.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's an "exclusive" interview ... he may also be talking to The Times...
can his interview be any racier than the Porno Pork Loin?