Monday, March 07, 2005

Moi, Paranoid? YES!

So I'm driving my husband's pride and joy today, his car. He's doing some maintenance on mine, thus I'm driving Nichole. Yes, that's the name he has bestowed on his 2000 Sebring. It's Nikki when "she's" acting bad. This is the first new car he ever owned so he has always pampered it. There's rubber mats on the floors (the carpet underneath is immaculate) and a high shine wax job on it. I always like being able to drive it. It's fun, fast, has a sun roof and a nice stereo.

BUT..and that's a big but, I am terrified something will happen to it on my dime. I double-check the mirrors when changing lanes and when I park I get out and walk around it to make sure there's plenty of room on all sides. Today I looked twice. I just can here hubby's voice in my head, watch out when you park, be gentle on the car handles, don't slam the door too hard, and don't pull up too far in the parking spot, esp. if there are curb stops, you could rip the nose right off.

Oye! Talk about car guilt!

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