Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thank Goodness They Come Only Once a Year!

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They got him. The cute neighborhood Girl Scout caught my husband and caught some of his money. He said he was guilted in to it. He saw the list and didn't want to be the neighbor who didn't buy any. And he didn't want to be the cheap neighbor by only buying one box. So six boxes of Girl Scout cookies showed up in my kitchen last week. Two Thin Mints, Two Dosidos and two Tagalongs (my favorite cookie of all time.)

Now all sense goes out the door when a box of Tagalongs sits in front of me. Something about the chocolate, peanut butter and cookie. It's hard to stop eating them. I am just so thankful that they aren't available in Publix because I know there I would be walking down the aisle and suddenly there would be two boxes in my cart.

Thank goodness they are only available once a year!

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