Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shut Yo' Mouth!

I know it sucks to be sick. I have been there and done it a lot. In fact the past few days I have been fighting a bug off myself. But what is with all the people who are hacking all around me who don't feel they need to cover their mouth when they cough? And you know if all you do is hack all day, why don't you just stay home because I am tired of hearing it.

Just throwing my two cents in...but I think it makes sense.


Pat said...

Oh, there are worse things ... how about someone who's sick and helps themselves to some food that's been put out for sharing? They stick their bacteria-laden mitts into a bag of cookies or something and ruin the party for everyone.

Glen the Enchanter said...

Or how bout the pot luck at your workplace when half the people who made food seem to have runny noses and constantly sneezing and talking about how sick they were while making the food?