Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Happy Late Wednesday

I was really busy at work today. Too much to do and not enough time. And then it was home to do some more moving. Thanks for friend Aaron and his purdy new truck we were able to move LOTS of stuff. We only have a few things left, mainly garbage to throw out and a little cleaning. I can't wait till this part is over.

I have to say that I enjoy living in a home. It is so different. I am still getting used to all the space, although the more we bring over the more it fills. But I know a lot of that is just stuff isn't where it should be, closets, out of oversized boxes, etc.

Well, I gotta run. I'm sure there'll be more to chat about soon.

And my thoughts and prayers go out to the men and women who were brutally killed and paraded through and Iraqi town today. No one deserves to be treated in death that way.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It's String Cheese Man!

Ok, it's not every day one sees the Sorrento String Cheese Man at your work. Well, we did. I know there will be photos up at The Daily Dave (oh sorry Daily Daal) and Side Salad later so you can see how funny it was. And by the way, string cheese is VERY yummy! And fun to eat.

Monday, March 29, 2004


Vrooom! That's how fast my Internet connection is now! Say bye-bye to dial-up and HELLLOOO road runner! Weeeeee!
Many, I'm going sooo fast I cannot almost see myself...Now I'll be able to utilize photos more here since uploading photos will be very easy and fast. Well, that's once I figure out where I PUT the digital camera and soon, I hope. I am still looking for clothing that I can't figure out where I put them...I did find the shoes though! tired

Wow. What a whirlwind of a weekend. Working Saturday, more packing and moving. And then suddenly it was Monday morning again and I know I could have slept longer. I want to take the time to thank those helping this weekend. Thanks Aaron, Adam, Mike and Roy. You guys are awesome. And a big thanks to my Dad and Mom. Mom brought yummy food for lunch and dinner, and the best part, a huge Texas chocolate cake. Yum! And they helped move our waaayyy too many clothing over. (Time to pare them down again.) Without your help, hubby and I would still be moving right now. Yes, right now.

Tonight it's back to the apartment for more moving of stuff.

When is it nap time?

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Apprentice

Katrina, You're fired!

Unfortunately we missed the first 10 minutes of the show so we didn't see whose idea it was that brought down Katrina, Amy and Nick. But from the rest of the show that I did see, I saw that the other team went after the high rollers, the ones who they knew would be spending the big bucks. And that was a great idea.

Now, I have never been a Katrina fan. I know she is smart, but I didn't think she was anything special. She didn't really shine. And what through me about her was the task in real estate, which she is supposedly a star in and she bombed. If she couldn't get the task with her specialty right, what makes me think she is great in other areas?

I think the three man team is really strong. Bill, is quietly making strides and may be the one to beat. I believe Kwame is nice, but I think he has been riding the coat tales of successful teams and has been lucky. I think he might be next, except his team is so strong.

I do like Amy and I hope she will be a finalist, among the women I think she is one of the smartest and business savvy. But I don't know if her alignment and now dissing of Nick in front of the Donald will be her downfall.

I love that show! I will be sad when it ends.

What the?

From what I understand about this Laci Peterson law, the law currently in Congress to make it a crime if you kill a fetus during a crime. So how does that fit in with Roe vs. Wade? How can you truthfully have both laws on the books at the same time? They totally contradict each other. One says, yes you may abort your child, it is your right, a fetus is not a life up till certain times. This law says that the fetus is life and it is protected. I'm not taking sides here. Just pointing out one of the laws (if the Laci/Conner Peterson law is passed) will be struck down.

There are some interesting things coming up with this one.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another one down

Dynegy exec., Jamie Olis has been sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. And he won't be getting out early because it is federal. He is 38 and will be 62 when he gets out.

See Martha wasn't a fluke. Unfortunately the Tyco trial seems to be breaking down. There are now reports that the jury is having severe problems deliberating and is being called "poisonous."

I am glad that we are beginning to see some of these men go down the river. It's time these execs. see if they break the law they won't be getting a slap on the wrist.


Say hello to Mrs. Homeowner

Well, we did it. We handed over lots of dough and in turn received a home.
1. You are at the mercy of these people when it comes to closing. Just because they tell you the day before this is going to happen here and at this time, doesn't mean it will. They can call you 25 minutes before and tell you they have pushed back the time, and this apparently happens all the time.
2. Do hand exercises prior to starting the signing. You can get some real good hand cramps if you don't while going through the inches of paper that you must sign.
3. Get good help - realtor and finance side. Because most likely you won't know what you are reading, and they can tell you. Thanks to George and June!
4. It is a great feeling. Knowing that all the hard work has finally paid off. And another reason to make sure you are careful with your credit because it would suck to live in an apartment forever..I can't wait to move, houses are cool.

We already met some of the neighbors. They came over an introduced themselves. Looks like there are lots of friendly people there with many kids who actually PLAY outside!

Coming to a home near me and some of you....a house warming party/block party.

Home is a good place to be.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Is just a day away...

Tomorrow we close on the house so I will be out and about all day. Very exciting. Hubby will be mowing the law for the first time tomorrow.

Ahh..domestic bliss.

Wish us well.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Kooks Are Out At the Flea Market Again

Man! Working at the Flea Market is a crazy thing. The people out there are kooks. Still the people and their dogs. What's with that? Do dogs not know how to walk now? I am wondering since so many people out there like to carry them like children. And the choice of clothing out there is interesting. Usually, it's the lack of it. And what's with the middle aged women with the bad hair pieces? You know the curly extensions that are obviously fake and do NOT make their owners look younger? But only like Dolly Parton on a bad day. It is always interesting and never boring. And we are still not talking about the vendors. To our left is a gun shop, left and forward porno, front, silk plants, right sports stuff, right forward some hippy stuff. Some of the stuff you can find there...lots of women's underwear, hot tubs (I would LOVE one of those!), grave marker sales, a wine shop, old computer shop, old vacuum shop, jewelry (plenty) and a women you can pay to paint your loved ones name on a mural she's been painting. Oh yea, lots of beer.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Spring has SPRUNG!

Walked out my front door this morning into a beautiful Spring day in West Central Florida. The sun is shining and everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is blooming today. (In fact last night when I was taking the garbage out I was looking up at one of the many oak trees that line one of the parking pads at my apartment complex and I noticed that the tree looked fuzzy. I walk closer, it is one of the late bloomers, it is covered from top to bottom in pollen hanging from every crevice.)

From the oak trees to every know flower and flowering bush and tree that could bloom, is! I looks lovely but it starts out with the tickle in my sinuses and the next thing you know I'm sneezing and my sinuses hurt. I want to go out side and enjoy the weather...maybe when a few things finish blooming. But by then it will be almost 90 and I will stay inside just to stay cool and comfortable.

Spring officially starts tomorrow, but it's been Spring here for a while, and we've got the Spring breakers and snow-birds here to prove it.

Happy early Spring equinox!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Proud to be an American...

A big congratulations to my hubby's aunt Anna in becoming a naturalized citizen this morning. She was one of more than 300 in a morning ceremony who were naturalized. And I understand there was one this afternoon. So there are lots of new citizens in the Tampa Bay area today.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Top O' the Mornin'!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Are ye wearing yer' green today? I am. I have some Irish blood flowing through my veins. My grandmother's maiden name was O'Connor, as one of the five original tribes of Ireland, and her Irish relatives came to the U.S. from Limerick, as made famous by Frank McCourt's Pulitzer Prize winning novel Angela's Ashes.

So in honor of the day here's a little history on the man of the day St. Patrick:

Patrick was really a Brit., he was born in Britain around the end of the fourth century. He was taken prisoner by Irish raiders that were attacking his families estate and was held captive in Ireland for six years. During this time he became deeply religious while seeking solace in his situation. Eventually he escaped back to Britain. He was told by a voice he believed to be God to return to Ireland to convert Irish pagans to Christianity. (Although some believe he introduced Christianity to the green isle, he actually was sent back to not only convert but to minister to the Christians there.) He incorporated traditional Irish symbols into Christianity rather than forcing the Irish to lose their traditions. This includes using the bon fire during Easter (we always light a fire during the Easter vigil to symbolize Christ's light) and incorporating the sun into the cross, this has become the Celtic Cross. He spent his life ministering to the Irish and eventually became the Bishop, which he almost didn't get because he didn't have the proper book learning usually required. He is believed to have died on or around March 17 460 AD.

There is only 2 known documents attributed to Patrick and where we received the most knowledge about his life is through The Confession of St. Patrick. It's a little long, but interesting.

If you want to read about some famous Irish folks try here. (Note, Ireland is a progressive country now. They have had two women presidents, and as you know, that's 2 more than the U.S.)

So even if you have no Irish lineage (everyone can't be blessed like that) enjoy the day and have may the luck o' the Irish be with you today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A Movie Must

Last night I sat down and watched HBO's Iron Jawed Angels. It chronicles the heroics of women sufferagists in the early 20th century. Specifically it centers around the "radicals" Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. These young women, they were in the late 20's, went toe-to-toe with politicians, including then president Woodrow Wilson, society, other women and even the organization that was leading the fight at the time, The National American Women Suffrage Association. They believed whole-heartedly in their fight and noted the hypocrisy of the president in going to war to liberate those who don't have say in their own governments, as women in the US didn't.

They did unpopular things such as protesting out front of the White House in whatever weather from dawn to dusk. They protested during the war. They went to jail on trumped up charges and Alice lead a hunger strike that got her labeled as a trouble maker and they forced fed her so they wouldn't have a martyr.

They won.

I think this is the type of movie that should be shown in history classes. It uses direct quotes of speeches, letters and editorials. As a young woman myself I cannot totally appreciate what these women went through because I have always had the rights they fought so hard for. But watching this movie really puts a human face on the issue and appreciate those battles.

I want to point out an extraordinary part in the film. The character Emily Leighton played by the wonderful Molly Parker. She was the wife of a U.S. senator who began to see how important women's rights were. At first she was behind the scenes supporting the group with her money. Then her husband found out and closed her bank account and told her she would have to pay for household goods with credit and he would pay the bills. The last straw? He threatened to take her children away from her because she had taken them to a protest rally. He accused her of being a bad mother and that "No judge in the district would give you custody." And how could she pay for a lawyer, she has nothing. The light went off in her head. She was nothing to her husband in his eyes and she had nothing. Everything was his and his alone. She started protesting and went to jail too. And she tells her husband the only reason she is doing this is for her daughters so they don't have to do it.

This internal struggle portrayed was amazing. I wonder if I were her would I have stood up or would have I been pushed into submission like so many other women of her stature?

But I am lucky, unlike her, I will never have to make that choice. If you have HBO see it! If not, I am sure it will be available out there for rental. It's time more people understood what had to happen for women to be granted the same rights as men and the same rights for those we fought a war over.

Irritation Gone Awry!

Went to my neighborhood drugstore last night to pick up some cortisone cream to get rid of an obnoxious rash that has had taken up residency on my neck area. I thinkin', no problem! How many creams can there be? The first problem, finding the right type of cream. I walk down the first isle and I find more creams than I ever could have imagined intended for hemorrhoids. Any many advertised quiet largely that they were for anal itch. Yes, many were cortisone cream...but I wasn't buying anal cream for my neck.

Up and down the isles I went looking for anti-itch and rash cream...FINALLY! There they were. All 4 or five shelves. Who knew there could be so many?? Creams, gels, pads, cloths...OYE! .5%, 1%, super, moisturizing, with oatmeal, with aloe..etc..etc..All for some rash cream! I am beginning to think there are just too many choices. Do I need a PHD to know what to buy?

Monday, March 15, 2004

"Beware of the Ides of March!?"

Happy Ides of March to all! I, like most people who hear that assume that it is a negative thing. I did some reading up on ideas and found out it is just the way in the Roman calendar that denoted the 15th of March, May, July, and October; the 13th in the other months. So the soothsayer to Julius Caesar was only warning that something bad was going to happen to him on that day.

So to all, Happy March 15th!

I fell pretty..oh so pretty!

I was packing again yesterday afternoon. I emptied out the curio cabinet, it was a big job because I have lots of expensive breakables in there and you have to be very careful in the packing. I'm such a freak in fact that I have kept all the boxes these items orig. came in and that packing.

I also keep my sparkly wedding tiara in there. So I took it out and didn't know what to do with it so I wore it while packing. It really made the ordeal more fun. Something about wearing a tiara makes you smile. Maybe I'll wear it more often. Maybe while watching TV, or reading a book, dancing around the new house. Nothing that would make it dirty because I know sister Karen has her eye on it to wear it in her wedding. Tiara wearing is highly underrated!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Are we crazy?

I looked at the top of the newspaper I work for today and was almost stunned to see what the fine editors here feel is the top story. A football player got canned, and that's number 1! Granted he is a nice football player, but he nevertheless, still a football player. While underneath plays the fact that the local big town has started giving partner benefits to employees and a bomb explosion in Spain that killed almost 200 which is purported to be the work of Al Qaida. I know there are varying interests in the community and we have to show that in our pages. I think there are very few cases when a sports person should be the top story on A1. And today, he shouldn't have been there.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Martha, Martha, Martha!

I have been trying to ignore commenting on the Martha Stewart deal. But after hearing conversations and participating in a few I feel I have to.

I am getting tired of hearing all these feminists saying that Martha was railroaded because she was a woman. Why are they glancing over the facts that she was guilty and had more than 1 chance to redeem herself and she chose not to? She lied. Case closed. I wish these strong women would take up the causes of strong successful women who are acting inside of the law.

I am unhappy with how the media has been describing her though. The design-diva etc. And then all the hubbub on what she's wearing, her purse and that she is hard to deal with in business. Would a male exec. being tried ever be commented on his shoes, brief case or if he was a jerk in the board room. Doubtful. I do find this sexist.

I will be watching as these other CEO's come to trial and see if they are actually convicted and forced to pay as Martha did/does. If not I will cry foul.

But until then. Martha broke the law, and she knew better. She has to pay.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month. I know some people don't believe there should be any special designations given out like this, supports being separate or something. I found this interesting fact today while searching for some info. for work. In history books only 2 percent of text is devoted to women. Thus the need for the month because we just didn't and mostly don't learn about what women have done to contribute throughout history.

I also found this great article at about Mothers facing continuing discrimination. I found this article to be very thought provoking. Consider:

"We like to think that all women have choices today. But what kinds of choices do mothers really have? The choice to work our rear ends off in corporate jobs that refuse viable part-time positions or quit and stay home? The choice to go on welfare after a divorce and then be forced to work at Wal-Mart? The choice to never see our kids during daytime hours or never put our college degrees to work?

"I think it just goes back to old-fashioned discrimination against women," says Ann Crittenden, author of the "The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued." "We lavishly support the things men choose to do, whether they choose careers in the military, or science, or farming, but we don't support the choices women make," Crittenden adds. Namely, the choice for women to bear and raise a child themselves."


"Crittenden and others believe the unpaid work of mothers needs to be quantified and measured by the Gross Domestic Product and also qualify for Social Security. Women who stay home to raise their children--the future taxpayers of America--unintentionally put themselves at financial risk. In fact, spending time out of the paid work force to raise children (or provide any type of unpaid caregiving work) can lead to poverty. This is amply demonstrated by the current cohort of retirement-age women, who are almost twice as likely to be poor than men in the same age group.

"We feel that the unpaid caregiving work that all mothers do has got to be recognized and valued by society," says Joanne Brundage, founder and executive director of Mothers and More, an Illinois-based advocacy group for mothers.

To help keep mothers and children out of poverty we also need viable part-time work options, health care, access to education and job training regardless of our economic status, and affordable, high-quality preschool and day care if we choose it for our children."

I do not have children. Just to upfront about that. But I know many who do and they are put in this situation daily. You are pulled in every direction. But it seems to me that all the lip service about being good parents and the benefits children receive when parents spend more quality time with them is just that, lip service. What democrat or republican is going to truly stand up for women and get bills passed that truly benefit the family? Also why are women looked down on in the workforce when they take time off to take care of their children? They should be applauded! This isn't just a woman's issue, there are many men staying home too now, they should be protected too. This is a family issue that effects this country to the core.

Check out the entire article

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Happy Tuesday

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Don't have much to report. Just lots of work and lots of packing ahead - we have yet to start actually. But I plan on doing SOME tonight. The hard part is the lack of space to PUT the filled boxes. Oye. Ta ta for now.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Spam Poetry

Just came across this wonderful blog. This woman writes poetry based on spam subject lines she gets. It's really funny. Check it out!

Not for the Depressed

I finally finished The House of Sand and Fog by Andres Dubus III last week. It was a book full of contrasts.

First I have to say if you do not like sad and depressing books, steer clear of this one.

I liked the book overall. I thought the story was interesting and the writing fairly good. The story is about a woman whose husband left her which leaves her is the midst of depression and despair and an Iranian Colonel who had to flee his country and is trying to make a new life for his family. Their paths cross when she loses her house because of a mistake in the county's tax office (she also neglected to open the mail to look at all the notices that told her she was losing the house) and the colornel buys it out from under her at an auction for a steal of a price. He wants to sell the home for full price so he can make some more money to help set up a business to support his family.

I noticed other reviewers said that there is no way she could have lost her home this way so it made it too unlikely the story. I let that part go and focused on the characters more.

The spiral downwards happens when the woman is helped by a local police officer who was there as part of the eviction team stays and helps her move. This man is in a bad marriage and they become lovers and advocate in getting the house back. In the mean time the Colonel is gets mixed up in the scheme soon and the whole things spirals out of control, more than I thought it would.

On the upside, I enjoyed seeing the story from the different perspectives, usually from the Colonel and then from the woman. We saw the pain from both of them. I especially enjoyed the Colonel.

On the downside, sometimes I thought the book rambled and some was really only filler. Also, the book can be tedious. It is not easy to read and didn't flow great at times so you can't stick with it for a long sit and read session. Also, I thought the ending was a little confusing. In fact I missed an important part completely and had to skim back over it. Infact I still am missing a key part of the ending that I just don't see.

I know they recently released this book as a movie. I would like to see it being that Ben Kinsley (Gandhi) stars as the Colonel and I appreciate is work. But I think some time will have to go by first. It's a little too unsettling to both read and watch that movie too close together.

Observations from a Flea Market

I spend my Saturdays and some Sundays hawking jewelry at the Oldsmar Flea Market in Oldsmar. (Notice on the web site that beer is at the top of the good things about the market.) I was a sellin' fool this Saturday, out sold Hubby, which is never the case, but I think it was because he was often congregating with the other jewelers (that's a story for another time).

Things I saw recently:
Teens walking around with kittens, just because they thought it was cool.
A kid with a bicycle chain around his neck. Seriously, but it was shined up at least.
A women who debated with herself if she wanted to buy a $200 bracelet or save it for the $800 Louis Vitton handbag she really wanted (her fake wasn't cutting it anymore) -she bought the bracelet from me...getting the handbag next month.
Dogs in strollers and in baby carriers used for infants againsst a persons chest.
Way too many hair extentions and bad ones at that.
Some really bad bright blue eye shadow.
Old ladies in their house coats - way too many.
A woman buying a family ring (gemstones for each family member) with her gemstone and one for her dog.)

Just some observations. And that doesn't include the anything about the vendors or what they sell out there. That's another installment. Get out to a flea market just for the people watching. And you can have a beer while you're doing it.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Omorosa got fired last night on the Apprentice. Yeah! Finally the manipulative, nasty bitch got the can. And apparently she is thinking about suing Trump because she was subjected to unsafe conditions when the tiny piece of plaster fell on her head and gave her a "concussion." And I loved her little piece at the end in the cab where she trying to teach to the nation. But man she must have low self esteem..."I know that I am a good person..." Ha! Bye bye babe...

On a nicer note, I wanna welcome back Skippy to work, we are glad he is feeling better. Work is just not as fun without him.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Movies seen.

I am sooo behind in what I have been reading and seeing and blogging it is almost pathetic. Ok, it just IS pathetic. So I'll be playing catch up.

I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl last weekend. I wasn't too hot on it to begin with because it is all based around a ride at Disney! A ride! I am happy to report that I enjoyed it. It was funny and full of action. And it had the lovely Orlando Bloom in it so it was nice to look at. ;-)

I have to say I particularly liked Johnny Depp's character. He plays captain Jack Sparrow, a nutty pirate who had a big ego and lots of eyeliner.

Ok, some of the effects are cheesy as are some of the lines. But allow yourself some suspension of disbelief and you should be able to enjoy it. I also am a sucker for the romance part of it and I enjoyed it in this movie too.

Last night we kept the adventure theme going and watched The Mummy. (I know, I am one of the few who hadn't seen it!) Once again, get past the cheesy lines, some overly computer-generated scenes and you have a fun movie. There were some gross moments, but even me who is grossed out easily made it through it unscathed. Once again the cheesy romance was there and a handsome Brendan Fraser to look at. But it has lots of twists and turns, the necessary mummy fight scenes, a goofy Arab-looking and sounding guy and fun ending. I have the second one at home and will be watching that one coming up.

Not tonight though, The Apprentice is on and that is one of the highlights of TV watching for me right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that Omorosa gets canned, she's not nice and I wouldn't want her working for me. But she brings lots of tension to the show though, but I would hate to think she might win.

Next topic...books read and CD's listening to.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Drumroll Please!

After lots of hard work, very few nights at home, trolling the Internet and the neighborhoods of central Pinellas County hubby and I have are finally getting home. A lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath (yes! 2 bathrooms! Woohoo!), 2 car garage (this part hubby is in love with) home in unincorporated county, south of Largo.

I am excited, yet dreading the inevitable...packing and moving. I hate moving more than just about anything. And going up and down the apartment stairs isn't too grand either. At least there are no stairs at the house! Well, better start scrounging for boxes..I'm gonna need a lot of them!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I Knew it!

Saw this story on anti-bacterial soap today. That it works no better than regular soap.

All I have to say is I knew it! Soap is soap and is antibacterial by nature. Now if only some of the darn soap companies would make a few more non-antibacterial soap brands I would be happy.

Monday, March 01, 2004


If you live within driving distance to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts you should make sure to get to see the Chihuly Across Florida Masterworks in Glass show. It is awesome! Dale Chihulymakes/designs those stunning glass sculptures and installations. What is so cool is the size of some of them. They seemed to move almost. Another cool part was the use of the glass outside in the gardens. The pieces were in harmony with the plants and water features.

But his work wasn't the only great part, the museum is awesome. There was a small Monet exhibit..Monet! Included were also a lovely Renior, Ceszane, O'Keefe..etc. What a treasure in St. Pete!