Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Irritation Gone Awry!

Went to my neighborhood drugstore last night to pick up some cortisone cream to get rid of an obnoxious rash that has had taken up residency on my neck area. I thinkin', no problem! How many creams can there be? The first problem, finding the right type of cream. I walk down the first isle and I find more creams than I ever could have imagined intended for hemorrhoids. Any many advertised quiet largely that they were for anal itch. Yes, many were cortisone cream...but I wasn't buying anal cream for my neck.

Up and down the isles I went looking for anti-itch and rash cream...FINALLY! There they were. All 4 or five shelves. Who knew there could be so many?? Creams, gels, pads, cloths...OYE! .5%, 1%, super, moisturizing, with oatmeal, with aloe..etc..etc..All for some rash cream! I am beginning to think there are just too many choices. Do I need a PHD to know what to buy?

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