Thursday, March 04, 2004

Movies seen.

I am sooo behind in what I have been reading and seeing and blogging it is almost pathetic. Ok, it just IS pathetic. So I'll be playing catch up.

I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl last weekend. I wasn't too hot on it to begin with because it is all based around a ride at Disney! A ride! I am happy to report that I enjoyed it. It was funny and full of action. And it had the lovely Orlando Bloom in it so it was nice to look at. ;-)

I have to say I particularly liked Johnny Depp's character. He plays captain Jack Sparrow, a nutty pirate who had a big ego and lots of eyeliner.

Ok, some of the effects are cheesy as are some of the lines. But allow yourself some suspension of disbelief and you should be able to enjoy it. I also am a sucker for the romance part of it and I enjoyed it in this movie too.

Last night we kept the adventure theme going and watched The Mummy. (I know, I am one of the few who hadn't seen it!) Once again, get past the cheesy lines, some overly computer-generated scenes and you have a fun movie. There were some gross moments, but even me who is grossed out easily made it through it unscathed. Once again the cheesy romance was there and a handsome Brendan Fraser to look at. But it has lots of twists and turns, the necessary mummy fight scenes, a goofy Arab-looking and sounding guy and fun ending. I have the second one at home and will be watching that one coming up.

Not tonight though, The Apprentice is on and that is one of the highlights of TV watching for me right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that Omorosa gets canned, she's not nice and I wouldn't want her working for me. But she brings lots of tension to the show though, but I would hate to think she might win.

Next topic...books read and CD's listening to.

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