Friday, March 19, 2004

Spring has SPRUNG!

Walked out my front door this morning into a beautiful Spring day in West Central Florida. The sun is shining and everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is blooming today. (In fact last night when I was taking the garbage out I was looking up at one of the many oak trees that line one of the parking pads at my apartment complex and I noticed that the tree looked fuzzy. I walk closer, it is one of the late bloomers, it is covered from top to bottom in pollen hanging from every crevice.)

From the oak trees to every know flower and flowering bush and tree that could bloom, is! I looks lovely but it starts out with the tickle in my sinuses and the next thing you know I'm sneezing and my sinuses hurt. I want to go out side and enjoy the weather...maybe when a few things finish blooming. But by then it will be almost 90 and I will stay inside just to stay cool and comfortable.

Spring officially starts tomorrow, but it's been Spring here for a while, and we've got the Spring breakers and snow-birds here to prove it.

Happy early Spring equinox!

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