Monday, March 22, 2004

Kooks Are Out At the Flea Market Again

Man! Working at the Flea Market is a crazy thing. The people out there are kooks. Still the people and their dogs. What's with that? Do dogs not know how to walk now? I am wondering since so many people out there like to carry them like children. And the choice of clothing out there is interesting. Usually, it's the lack of it. And what's with the middle aged women with the bad hair pieces? You know the curly extensions that are obviously fake and do NOT make their owners look younger? But only like Dolly Parton on a bad day. It is always interesting and never boring. And we are still not talking about the vendors. To our left is a gun shop, left and forward porno, front, silk plants, right sports stuff, right forward some hippy stuff. Some of the stuff you can find there...lots of women's underwear, hot tubs (I would LOVE one of those!), grave marker sales, a wine shop, old computer shop, old vacuum shop, jewelry (plenty) and a women you can pay to paint your loved ones name on a mural she's been painting. Oh yea, lots of beer.

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