Thursday, March 11, 2004

Martha, Martha, Martha!

I have been trying to ignore commenting on the Martha Stewart deal. But after hearing conversations and participating in a few I feel I have to.

I am getting tired of hearing all these feminists saying that Martha was railroaded because she was a woman. Why are they glancing over the facts that she was guilty and had more than 1 chance to redeem herself and she chose not to? She lied. Case closed. I wish these strong women would take up the causes of strong successful women who are acting inside of the law.

I am unhappy with how the media has been describing her though. The design-diva etc. And then all the hubbub on what she's wearing, her purse and that she is hard to deal with in business. Would a male exec. being tried ever be commented on his shoes, brief case or if he was a jerk in the board room. Doubtful. I do find this sexist.

I will be watching as these other CEO's come to trial and see if they are actually convicted and forced to pay as Martha did/does. If not I will cry foul.

But until then. Martha broke the law, and she knew better. She has to pay.

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