Monday, March 08, 2004

Observations from a Flea Market

I spend my Saturdays and some Sundays hawking jewelry at the Oldsmar Flea Market in Oldsmar. (Notice on the web site that beer is at the top of the good things about the market.) I was a sellin' fool this Saturday, out sold Hubby, which is never the case, but I think it was because he was often congregating with the other jewelers (that's a story for another time).

Things I saw recently:
Teens walking around with kittens, just because they thought it was cool.
A kid with a bicycle chain around his neck. Seriously, but it was shined up at least.
A women who debated with herself if she wanted to buy a $200 bracelet or save it for the $800 Louis Vitton handbag she really wanted (her fake wasn't cutting it anymore) -she bought the bracelet from me...getting the handbag next month.
Dogs in strollers and in baby carriers used for infants againsst a persons chest.
Way too many hair extentions and bad ones at that.
Some really bad bright blue eye shadow.
Old ladies in their house coats - way too many.
A woman buying a family ring (gemstones for each family member) with her gemstone and one for her dog.)

Just some observations. And that doesn't include the anything about the vendors or what they sell out there. That's another installment. Get out to a flea market just for the people watching. And you can have a beer while you're doing it.

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