Monday, December 03, 2007

A Doodle and a Request

I was so happy to see my friend and fellow blogger Pat has brought back the very popular Mr. Doodle's Dog to the blogosphere. Pat and her furry family members bring a jovial look at being a canine and/or feline. As a fellow animal lover with a cat, a snake and a school of fish I felt it was important to help her (in my small way) get the word out about the monster who kept 97 wire fox terriers in deplorable conditions and if a judge makes the wrong choice, he may get some of the dogs back.

I know that many people will wonder aloud why we should spend time and energy on animals when we as humans have so many issues to deal with. I really think it is symtomatic of a society where we can allow any one or animal be abused. Especially those who can least protect themselves.

So please take a few minutes to read Mr. Doodle's plea.

Welcome back to the Doodle's - we've missed ya.


Pat said...

St. Francis had it right.... kindness, especially to animals, is a strength, not a weakness.
Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone enjoyed the quality of life of Tiger Varga or Joe the Cat?
Thank you, Sarah, for your help, and your kind words.

wiredogs said...

St. Francis knew that a kindness is a strength, no matter where or on whom it is bestowed.
Thank you, Sarah.