Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gold and Gold..

While cleaning the house and then putting up the Christmas decorations I now realize I am attracted to the color gold. As I was taking the decorations out yesterday and today as I sit with both boxes of Christmas cards, I noticed that I have been purchasing gold colored items that that are both inside and outside the house.

I never thought of myself as a gold person. But I guess I am.

From the angel clothed in golden threads on the top of my tree, to the gold balls down below to the golden curtains next to the tre in my dining room to the golden ribbon on the wreath on my golden yellow house to the gold on both of the boxes of cards I bought last year. I am truly surrounded by the color.

I'm not sure what this means. But if anyone notices me buying something in gold lame', please stop me. I guess I'm attracted to shiny things...or maybe it's my sparkling personality. ;-)

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