Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Drive-By Photoing..

I'm going through some photos and I thought I'd post a few. First we start with my good buddy Kathy - yes that's her a coconut bra. She knows she's hot can't you tell by the come-hither look in her eyes?

And next there is my parents. They celebrated 38 years of wedded bliss this summer, and as a gift the kids bought them, what else, Super Scrabble! Quadruple word scores, what's not to like about this game?? One day I will win!

And Kathy makes another appearance. Here she is with her husband Dave. They renewed their marriage vows at Rainbow River State Park last month. This time she was sure Dave wasn't going to hurl or runaway. She wore a dress to mark the occasion. There were many pictures taken, we don't know if we'll ever see another dress again on her!

Finally, this is my husband Laszlo. He took a trip out west in May to see his friend Mike in Vegas. They took a trip up to Lake Tahoe. It's almost June in this picture and he's wearing a sweatshirt. To me this picture is funny because it looks like he is in a photo studio where they have all those backgrounds they can pull down. Pretty funny.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

If I were single I'd say:

I'm available for bachelor parties and frat house keggers. My rates go up after midnight.

Since I'm married, I'll say,

"Denise made me wear it!"