Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heerreee's Sarah!

So I thought I would borrow Dave Simanoff's Four Questions format to jump-start my posting here again. It seems a simple way to answer some of the questions that everyone has been asking me. I just manipulated the questions to fit what I need to say.

Question 1: Where has Sarah been since August?
Well, at home and work. Sarah wasn't out traveling the world. Sarah's computer went into menopause (it just started overheating one day) and it kept shutting down. She didn't feel comfy writing blog entries on the work computer. The blog would have to wait.

Question 2: What's-up in Sarah's World?
Let's see. Work, play some and some more work. In between Sarah celebrated her husbands 33rd birthday, her parents their 38th wedding anniversary, her friends Kathy and Dave's second wedding (she wore a dress!), Sarah's 33rd birthday and is preparing for a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her two sisters and brother-in-laws. She also found out her sister Laura and bro-in-law Greg are moving home after 6 years in Jacksonville. She is excited.

Question 3: Has Sarah Read Any Good Books or Seen Any Good DVDs Lately?
Sarah has. Right now Sarah and Laszlo are on a Kevin Smith film binge, and she wants people to know that yes Dogma was funny. Also - The Alphabet Sisters was a great book.

Question 4: How is Sarah Feeling Today and Why?
Excited! The USF Bulls play #5 ranked West Virginia tomorrow night and she is extremely pumped. Go Bulls! She will be wearing her new Bulls shirt to work tomorrow in support of her team.

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Yay! Four more questions!