Friday, September 28, 2007


It's bedlam baby here in the Tampa area here in west central Florida. There's green and gold everywhere. For what you may ask? It's all about the University of South Florida Bulls football team that has crashed the NCAA football party by beating Auburn IN Auburn and then spanked a pathetic North Carolina team last week. And now, in the biggest game of the 11 year-young football team, they are less then 30 minutes away from playing #5 ranked West Virginia.

I know - it's only football you may say. But it's fun. Especially for a school that has been in the shadow of UF, FSU and even Miami. For a school that most people around the country had no idea what school USF is - even though it has almost 45,000 students in attendance. This school is starting to get a little respect. And with all the bad things we hear about every day on the news, it's nice to have a little fun frenzy to take your mind off the other stuff.

So with that said all I have to say is GO BULLS!

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