Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On Fish, Two Fish, 17 Fish??!!

So this was a part of my husbands fish haul on Sunday. Why a part? He reached his bag limit on Spanish Mackerel and he had to start throwing some back. He accidentally brought 2 extra home (thus the 17 fish).
And as my sister Laura said "they are delicious!" Or as I said "Mackerelishious!"
Because of his luck, Hubby is convinced I must come and sit in the 90 degree + weather and join him for a round of fishing. Well, if I actually caught one I might be convinced, but I have a rep. to uphold - I'm the one who just doesn't catch any.
Oh, and don't even ask what our garbage can smelled like after being in 90+ degree heat all day yesterday. One word for it, NASTY!

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