Friday, June 29, 2007

Whew, what a week!

I'm pooped.

This week has been a doosie to say the least. I went t bed at 9 last night, I know I'm heading that way after I finish this.

First there was a late night last Saturday night in Orlando. We hung out with some old friends from high school and caught up. Was so pleased to see my old buddy Patti, we were almost inseparable back then. Either we were on the phone or spending the night at her house or her spending the night at mine. I'm glad she bumped into Joe and found her way back to us.

Then there was a wedding on Tuesday. Yeah, Tuesday. Glen and Samantha congratulations! The wedding was great. I would have loved to stay for cake, but I started to get a migraine and I had to go.

Off to Thursday, a killer event for work. Nothing like an outdoor event in Florida at the end of June to make you thank God for air conditioning.

And today, just lots at work again, and migraine number 3 for the week.

So to summarize: Pooped, headache, friends, headache, wedding, work, headache, pooped.

I have some fun pictures..but I have to figure out where I put my card reader or a USB cord. Until then you'll have to picture this:

Friends in tacky Hawaiian garb and me and a hot dude dressed like a CFL that we nicknamed "Hottie Wattie."

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