Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry

So we were took a direct hit from Tropical Storm Barry today. And were we ever pleased. Rain has been in very short supply here in Florida. It was more than a month since we had any rain. Even the stinking weeds were shriveling up. I wasn't even going to try to plant anything - I've learned that working against Mother Nature just does NOT work. The eye came directly over my county. It was very strange. It was raining and then suddenly there was blue sky. It was lovely.

Barry is the kind of storm we'd take here any day. But I know I don't want to tempt fate. The experts keep saying we are going to have a very active season and that Central Florida's time is coming. I hope Barry was our tropical brush of the year. I really do. Thinking about something worse gets my stomach all out of shape. It's just scary stuff.

On another topic, I'm writing this blog entry from my buddy Aaron's laptop. He was reading this blog early on and often gave me grief when the space wasn't changing much. So I think it's pretty cool that I'm working from here. I'm not going to try to add a picture. I'm not too good without a mouse since I rarely use a laptop. Hi Aaron! :-)

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