Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy All-Hallows Eve!

I love Halloween. Well, I love the idea behind Halloween. I don't love the commercial holiday it has become. Where every one buys store-bought costumes and decorations and where trick-or-treating at the mall has become the norm rather than walking the streets of your neighborhood. And where it's not dark still because of stupid day light savings.

I know there are lots out there who talk about how evil the holiday is to them. Well, to me, it's more about imagination. Dressing up as something you aren't, commiserating with your friends and neighbors and just letting go and having fun.

Anyways. I'll still give out candy if any kids make it to my door. And I hope they do. So everyone - let your inner kid out because it's time to play - to be child-like. You've got lots of other days to be serious and Halloween isn't the day for it.

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