Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Can't Get No...Satisfaction?

I was reading through one of the magazines my Mom passed off to me the other day. Most often I skim through them without finding a gem or much useful. I found a great column by Rick Warren titled: The Secret to Soul Satisfaction. Usually that would turn me off just the title alone. But for some reason I started to read it. This line caught me and propelled me to the end: "But discontent becomes unhealthy when your desire to acquire becomes your life focus." The column is about examining what you have and to remember to take the time to remember all that already have. It can be summed up by one of the headlines in the story The key is real gratitude. He sums it all up by asking you to look at what you have in your life and ask "what will last forever? and what will last a few months, days or even hours?" And to focus more on the things that have the greatest impact such as your family or giving back to others.

This article helped me remember, those really important items in life are worth investing your heart and soul in. A new car, TV or a new pair of black pants is nice - but not worth splitting hairs over.

And it reminds me to wish one of those important people in my life, my hubby, a Happy Belated birthday.

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