Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007 Park Tour Continues

We continued our Pinellas County Park tour at the Boga Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole. I was interested in seeing the nature sculptures that had been installed, but we were also interested getting out on a Sunday afternoon, getting some exercise and seeing a slice of our county that we haven't explored. Below is my favorite of the sculptures. They weren't named, but I think she might be mother nature. Her hair was pine cones, she had a map of the world on her back and her dress was made of humanity's hands. Pretty cool I thought. And I thought like she was holding onto the tree for dear life, as if trying to save it.

While I came for the sculptures, I loved this park for it's pristine landscape on the inter coastal waterway. There were meandering boardwalks that take you by mangroves, and when you get off the path you can walk up to the water and find legions of crabs like below.

What was really cool was as you were wandering the paths you really forgot you were surrounded by development. It was quiet, minus the sounds of people having fun and nature. You really could spend a day out there. With the trails, dog park, fishing, playgrounds and lots of trees to relax under, this small piece of paradise, we are lucky in Pinellas County that they didn't bulldoze it and put up a parking lot.

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