Sunday, April 01, 2007

2007 Park Tour Begins

Laszlo and I visited Sawgrass Park in St. Petersburg yesterday. I was there once before that I remember when my good friends Kathy and Dave chose the park to get married. It was a very different day as Hurricane Frances was clobbering many parts of Florida at the same time and we were only hours away from rain and wind.
We decided it would be nice to take a walk outside while the weather is comfy and check out one of the local parks we had little experience with.
The small park does have lots to offer. From meandering boardwalks that showcase Florida's nature to hills and picnic benches where you can chill out and have a nice afternoon.
I really enjoyed the Oak Hammock trail which we found few people enjoying. There were lots of side trails that the adventurous could take.
The biggest downside? The park sits right next to Interstate 275. And in many areas you are very aware of it.

Even with the roar of a busy highway, it is still nice to be able to see nature in the middle of a very crowded county. And all the wildlife too. This alligator was taking a break from the sun under the outlook tower. And we saw many birds, spiders, turtles and fish.
I think I want to make it to more of the areas parks. So this really kicks off our tour. Laszlo gets to chose the next one since I chose this one. In such a tiny county you might be surprised how many parks there are.
Let me know of any suggestions for where we need to visit in the Tampa Bay area. We're up for it!

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