Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Flower and Some Thoughts

I took this picture of a hibuscus flower out front last night. I've always thought they were lovely flowers. With their showey colors and broad leaves. At the same time I always thought them a little sad. These beautiful flowers are here for only one day. By morning they are curled back up getting ready to fall away from the plant.

I liken it to our lives. We are young and beautiful for only a short while really and then we too fade away, only to be replaced by another young and beautiful one. But the most important thing really is that we are alive and that we should take advantage of the time we have here. To show the beauty that we have inside to every one we can. And to stop making excuses why tomorrow would be a better time to do things you keep putting off. Who knows when your flower will fade?

OK, enough philosophy for one day. Just do what Nike's been telling us for years.

Just Do It.

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