Saturday, March 10, 2007

On a Clear Day I Can See Forever

I recently moved into a new building at work. Before I spent more than 8 hours in the middle of a depressing building with the closest natural light wayyy down a hall, I'd have to squint to see the window.

But now I can turn my chair around and see the world outside. In distance the Sunshine Skyway, or Tampa Bay or on a clear day the other side of Pinellas County on the Gulf of Mexico.

It is wonderful. Natural light really does wonders for a person. I had missed it terribly since leaving my last job where there were floor-to-ceiling windows every where.

And it is cool when the sea fog is dense. A week ago I came into work and looked out the window and could see nothing. Just dense fog. Which was really neat. I really like fog.

But right now it's blue sky's, blue water and views as far as I can see.

On another topic, the hubby and I have signed up for Blockbuster on-line. We rarely see movies, they cost a lot and our timing seems to always be off in getting there. So we thought this would allow us to catch up a little. Since yesterday we have seen the Aviator (which I actually HAD seem), which was really good, and The March of the Penguins which was awesome. I told hubby that would be a movie to be seen on a fancy TV because it was a beautifully filmed movie. Plus the documentaries that came on the DVD were as cool as the movie itself. If you haven't seen this movie, I would recommend it. Besides being beautiful, it is fascinating.

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