Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Triggerfish Twist a Riot

Triggerfish Twist Posted by Hello

Well, I never announced I was reading Triggerfish Twist by Tim Dorsey, but I did. Tim Dorsey (www.timdorsey.com) used to work at the Tampa Tribune as an editor and reporter before hitting the big time with his Florida comedy/mysteries.

This book was crazy. Like a Carl Hiaasen book on crack. The books follows a family as they move from the Midwest down to Tampa, South Tampa to be exact. They choose to move to Tampa because a report had been done saying that the area was a great place to live due to the low crime. Problem is the report is wrong due to a typo. The family finds this out really quick. There's lots of crazy characters who get into insane situations. I'm not sure where Tim came up with these things, he's gotta have a really sick side to him. What's great is if you are familiar with the Tampa area, it is a real treat because he is using real locations and situations that would be familiar to anyone in the area.

Sometimes it gets a little long and so absurd that I thought it went too far out there. But more often than not it was a quick easy read that was hysterical! I am looking forward to reading other books of his.

Still reading Queen Noor's book. It is long and dense but I am enjoying it. It isn't a book you can read when your mind isn't all there. Will let you know when I finish this one up. Not sure what I'll pick up on the side to this. Maybe another Stephanie Plum novel.

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