Friday, September 03, 2004

Frances Fatigue

We've been watching Hurricane Francis now for more than a week. She has been slowly creeping her way across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean and seems to be on a crash course with the East coast of Florida. Being I work at a newspaper it is Frances everything all day. Which causes folks to either be more alarmed or very skeptical that the hurricane will hit at all. After Charley, the hurricane from 3 weeks ago, there are those who don't believe a storm could ever hit here, these are scary people. Because they are so blas`e about the whole thing and when one actually hits here, they will be in danger thus causing others to be in danger. And there are those who are the alarmist. These might also be called editors here. You can read the Blog of fellow business reporter Baird Hegleson at at He's hoping to be in the midst of the hurricane, yes he is actually excited. But he is from Minnesota, so what does he know? His brain must still need to unthaw a little.

It is very quiet here in the newsroom right now. So many people are in the field or out working on stories. The only thing bring people together was when the message went out that there was food in the conference room and if you don't know, food tends to go real fast in newsrooms.

It looks like the storm has become a little more disorganized, it is down to 115 mph the winds, that is a big drop from the 145 of yesterday. We can only hope it continues to lose its punch, many people's lives depend on that.

Back to Frances..

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