Friday, September 10, 2004

Memo to God, Re: Ivan

Dear God,

The citizens of Florida are asking you to reconsider sending Hurricane Ivan to us. We know we have done many things that may have offended you and some dumb things (see previous memo about the 2000 elections) but have we offended you that greatly that you have sent us already two deadly hurricanes and a tropical storm within one month? Have you scoped out Texas as a possible alternative? They haven't had a storm this year. Or what about sending it to Mexico? Once again, no storm yet this year.

We have been praying very hard to you and don't understand how you could see to continue with this plan.

Please take this request into consideration and we hope you will see it our way.


Sarah - A Florida citizen and fan.


Glen the Enchanter said...
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Glen the Enchanter said...

I would like to add my name to the request. All we can do is pray, and if Ivan hits, We can always ask for guidance to make it through anything Ivan throws us.