Thursday, September 23, 2004

Birthday Roundup...

I found a box of donuts from a wonderful place called La La's at my desk this morning from friend Pat. MMm...very tasty. A very sweet start to the day.

Work... to lunch with Dave and Britt at the University of Tampa cafeteria. Sounds gross you say? No. Try a lovely large salad and some leg of lamb. Yes, they serve lamb from a college cafeteria!

More work...and some lovely salutations from friends who used to work with me. Ms., soon to be Mrs. Cherizon, sang me a lovely birthday song over e-mail.

more work...

And then cake and more lovely songs from my co-workers. Dave gave me a CD compilation which I will listen to on the way home tonight.

And I am finally done with my work. Gonna try to get out of this place early. Have to pack for my trip.

Oh! Here's my horoscope from today's paper:

You have likely heard the saying that opportunity only knocks once. So listen closely the next several weeks. Grab whatever lucky breaks come your way, as the blessings showered on you can light up your future and enrich you.

Pretty positive I would say.

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