Friday, April 02, 2004

You're Fired Troy!

I have to say I am very sorry to see that Troy got fired last night on the Apprentice. He's a spunky guy who is smart and added a lot of fun to the group. But I can see Trump's concerns. I think with a little more time to help him hone his skills he can become a little less of a loose cannon, which he is. I did like how Trump told him that an education is a good thing. And maybe he might look in picking up some courses here and there. To broaden his thinking. Even if he doesn't, he has shown that you don't have to have a fancy degree to be successful in business, which is very true.

I do think that Kwame is lucky he is still in the game. Yes he has an MBA from Harvard and works for Goldman Sacks in a great job. But I don't see him as a star in the group. I still see the quiet Bill as a contender. And between Amy and Nick, that's a tough one. They are both smart. But Nick now knows that Amy is only really playing him and I think he is clearer that she can't be trusted. Next week, two get fired. And then we are off to the finally. Who do you think will win?

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