Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Duhh Moment

The Wall Street Journal devoted an entire article on the fact that coffee from coffee shops, has MUCH higher amounts of caffeine then the stuff you brew at home. Well, WSJ, I could have told you that one. And that coffee can be addictive? New one there too.

Here's some highlights:
In pursuit of a bolder taste, coffeehouses typically brew their blends much stronger than a trusty old cup of Folgers. But a powerful side effect is unusually high levels of caffeine, according to a national test of ready-made coffee run by a laboratory for The Wall Street Journal. House blends at Starbucks Corp., GloriaJean's and other gourmet coffee chains have an average 56 percent more caffeine than samples tested at 7-Eleven Inc. stores and 29 percent more than those at Dunkin" Donuts nationwide.


These ill effects are important. Recent research has shown people often choose to maintain their caffeine intake more to avoid the irritable results when they don't get it, than for the positive effects when they do. Caffeine withdrawal usually begins within 12 to 24 hours after the last coffee was drunk, which may neatly explain why people often reach for their mug first thing in the morning.

There are times that my beloved WSJ just is off a little. They need someone like my trusty editor Kitty who told me about the story and went "Duhhh!!!"

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