Friday, April 02, 2004

Very Sad

An article today says that an increasing number of people are blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus. I have to wonder why this increase is happening? Here's an excerpt:

"The percentage of Americans who believe Jews were responsible for killing Jesus has grown in recent years, although it remains a view held by a minority of people, according to a poll released Friday.
The survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found 26 percent of respondents believe Jews were to blame for the Crucifixion, up from 19 percent in ABC News poll in 1997.
The greatest increase was among young people and blacks.
Thirty-four percent of those under age 30 now believe Jews were responsible, compared to 10 percent in 1997, the Pew Center said. And 42 percent of blacks hold that view, compared to 21 percent seven years ago."

I cannot understand this. How can you blame a whole group of people responsible for the actions of so few? And do they fail to see the culpability of the Romans who carried out the act? Do you really think that Pilate, a known brutal man, would seriously take into consideration what a group of people who he hated and put down, what a few might want? If he didn't want it to be Jesus, it wouldn't have been. It would have undermined his authority.

I also see them missing the point. The point is that he died, the reason for that and that, in the Christian, and my belief, rose. That other issue is secondary and even below that. It's the entire message that people are looking past.

How sad. And this is what lead Christians into the holiest time of the year of the Easter season. If the Passion movie has helped fuel this flame, I am ready for it to be put out.

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