Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Skippy and Britt and Lunch and more Sadness

Went to lunch with Skippy and his better half Dr. Britt today at UT's cafeteria. This cafeteria was WAYY better than I remember at school. First off there was a lovely salad bar with fresh fruit on the other side. Then there was some fresh prepared items, sandwiches, burgers, roasted chicken and desert. And all of this for about $5 and it's all you can eat.

Then off to see Dr. Britt's office at the Sykes College of Business. It was a very serious looking place. And very quiet, but being it's almost finals time, that's not surprising. The doc. collects shot glasses from around the world, specifically Hard Rock Cafes and Planet Hollywood. He's got a windowsill full, a big windowsill full. But that's cool.

We are sadly losing our Assist. Biz editor Katrina...she is transferring departments. I am sad because she is a good neighbor, has taught me tons and brings chocolate and snacks to work. Soon it's only me and the new neighbor who still can't figure out how to use the phone and has computer probs daily.

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