Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Good things about houses - It's a Good Thing!

Part-1, (I'm sure I'll find more.)

1. Drive ways. You always get to park in front of where you live, not around the corner because the guy downstairs has all of his friends over and they are parking where you usually do.
2. Garages. A wonderful place to put all the things you will need to go through but haven't had the chance. And a place eventually for you to park.
3. Washer and dryer in the garage!! Yes, my washer and dryer are free of the closets. Now I can open my dryer door a full 180 degrees rather than 90 and the washer I can approach from the front rather than from the side. Easier to reach the bottom.
4. A front walk. Something cool about that to me.
5. Windows. Ok, I had windows at the apartment. BUT they were only facing one direction so you rarely got a good breeze. Now air coming from lots of directions. And it feels wonderful.

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