Thursday, April 08, 2004

Oh the disparity..

Once again I find myself aghast at how reporters describe women. In an article by the New York Times on Condolezza Rice's testimony, reporter Michael Janofsky went on to tell everyone what she was wearing...

"When Ms. Rice arrived, the room fell nearly silent but for cameras clicking like crickets. She strode in erect and sure, wearing a smart tan suit, matching pumps and gold earrings. Throughout questioning, she sat at a sharp angle forward, which seemed to convey a confidence that bordered on brash."

Ok, would any media EVER describe the suite a man was wearing or the tie that he was wearing? No! Just like they did with Martha Stewart, her expensive purse and stole. What about the other executives on trials thousands of dollar suites? Shoes or briefcase? Does anyone really care? No. And it is terrible that these so-called enlightened journalists are continuing to drag out the perceptions that what a powerful women is wearing is worth noting in a story that has nothing to do with fashion. Rice was there to talk about national security, what does her clothing choice have to do with it? It doesn't matter how powerful the woman is, what she has the end there is always room for her sad!

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