Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bill, You're Hired!

After a drawn out 2 hour finale Bill came away the winner of the Apprentice on NBC. He chose to head up a multi-million dollar 90-story building project Trump is building in Chicago rather than taking charge of a new golf coarse in California.

I believe Trump made the right choice. After Kwame made the mistake of letting Omorosa make costly mistakes and not minimizing her role or even better firing her and not becoming more concerned and strong I knew Kwame wasn't the man for the job.

I did think that the ending was cheesy, with the "boardroom" splitting apart revealing an audience and a band. And almost as obnoxious was The Donalds horrible reading ability.

He said that some of the old contestants may be back for the next season and a picture of Troy and Omorosa showed up, I am sad to see that he is giving more credence to her. She is a liar and a bad employee, I know she makes for ratings, but I am tired of her and am ready to move on.

Bring on the next Apprentice! I'm ready!

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