Thursday, April 08, 2004

Nick and Amy, You're Fired!

Wow! What a show. Within less than 20 minutes Nick got the boot and then Amy was not too far behind. The task was for them to interview with some of the top exec's of Trumps empire, CFO (corporate finance officer) head of the hotels..Etc... Those execs were tough and had some great questions which helped them weed out Amy and Nick. I was a little sad to see Amy go, I was really hoping to see at least one women in the final. But she didn't interview well to say the least.

Now Kwame and Bill are facing off by heading up two different events to see whose is most successful. Kwame is in Atlantic City with a Jessica Simpson concert and Bill is up at one of Trump's golf courses heading a golf tourney. They are given employees, previously fired Apprentice candidates, and started at their tasks. So far the most contentious part has been Omorosa's reappearance. So far she has already screwed up. She took an important phone call from a Trump employee about the task and blew it off and then lied to the women and to Kwame and the others about her involvement.

And on Bill's end, Nick doesn't seem too pleased to be back and being an "employee."

I don't know who is going to win this. At this point I am wondering if it is whose employees will make them look the least bad.

I am pulling for Bill. He seems to be the most down to earth, he is sure of himself and his abilities and seems talented. We will see, next week there's a 2-hour final where Trump will finally say "You're Hired!" to one of them.

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