Thursday, June 03, 2004

Lady of Leisure...Kinda

I have some photos I want to share but I am having some hardware issues and can't connect with my camera for the moment...will get those soon I hope.

Been keeping busy during my time off. I have enjoyed this leisurely lifestyle. Got a haircut, went shopping and bought some drapes for the living room (they are lovely I think), did lunch, beat my mom TWO times in 500 Rum (those who know the card shark better known as my Mom know it's a BIG deal to beat her in cards), had my hair colored, shopped, visited a good friend and her new baby and did some decorating around the place. Oh yeah, am getting my Oprah fix too. Can't say that waking up around 9:30 is a bad thing either.

Although I have started digging up the pond that is in my front yard. I have a great picture of the hole I have created, it'll be twice the size when I'm done with it. See the people before us had a pond and when the house was foreclosed on the company that renovated it just folded the thing into itself and covered it mostly with mulch. So I can't plant anything much there because of the large liner. You wouldn't believe the large rocks down there and there's water down there! More of that tomorrow.

I really have separated myself from work this week. I have glanced at the newspaper, mainly so I don't get behind with my favorite comics and read a review of the new Harry Potter movie. But very little attention to anything even related to business to be truthful, and it feels lovely.

Well, back to my life of leisure, I have one more day and then it is back to the flea market and then to the real world. If only I could figure out how to become independently wealthy then I could enjoy this life of leisure for real... :-)

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