Friday, June 25, 2004

It's Randimonium!

I had an editor stop me in the mailroom to tell me that she is concerned for my safety. She's afraid the pile on my deskmates side of the desk is going to consume me. I am little worried too. Who knows what may fall out of the pile? Or what? When you leave food wrappers sitting just NEVER know.

Overheard from him today: "I thought I had yesterdays Times on this desk. Have you seen it?" I don't know where even to begin looking I told him.

I would like to take a photo, to show the rest of the world what I sit next to, but he's been her most mornings when I remembered my camera. May a friend with a phone camera will take a picture for me, so the flash won't be so noticeable.

Run! It's Randimonium!

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