Thursday, June 24, 2004

Genealogy of my Scarf

I love scarves. I don't think I have the right body to wear them all the time, especially around the neck like I would love to, but I love em' anyways.

Today I woke up and thought, I want to wear a scarf! I pulled out a long, relatively thin one, with green bands on the outside and some flowers towards the ends that come to a point. First around the neck it went. It looked cute, but too constrictive for me today. Then I started playing with it. I have never tried to wear one in shorter hair (since I haven't had short hair that many times the chances of my trying it aren't as high). Today I am. Very summary with the long ends trailing down the back.

This is a special scarf to me. It was my Grandmothers. My mom's mom. After she died we were in her apartment going through her things. It was sad, but interesting. You really learn a lot about a person when you sift through their belongings. Really you are sifting through their life in a way.

I chose to bring home this scarf. It's not beautiful and it has a small stain. But to me it is beautiful because who it belonged to. So I'll continue to try to find different ways to wear it and enjoy it because wearing it makes me smile.

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