Thursday, June 10, 2004

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Denise and Baby Amy Posted by Hello

Meet my good friend Denise and her new daughter Amy Lynn. I got the chance to drive over to Valrico to visit with them last week while on vacation. Amy was born the Tuesday evening before Easter. We had a blast. Denise made me grilled cheese, which is a fav. of mine and I got to hold her precious girl. She didn't scream actually, which since I am not often around small babies was an honor, so I must have been holding her OK. We had a chance to catch up which was nice. We have been friends since high school and I am so glad we still are.

Coming soon to a Sarah Says near you...the holes in my front yard. I have to take some new photos to show the true scope of how many large rocks and amount of pond liner is buried in my flower garden guys will LOVE it!

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